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A Process for Implementing Change Successfully

Workshop tenuto dalla prof.ssa Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D, della Penn State University 
rivolto esclusivamente ai Change Agent di Ateneo


27 maggio 2019, ore 10
Sala Canova a Palazzo Storione 


By Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D.

“One day at the driving range, I was demonstrating my swing while remarking, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ [My golf instructor’s] disarming response was, ‘Only if you begin with a good swing. My advice to you is to either stop practicing or change your swing.’ In teaching, as in golf, repeating poor teaching mechanics can actually move us away from, not closer to, our performance objective of effective student learning.”

Whetten, D. A. “Principles of Effective Course Design: What I Wish I Had Known About Learner-Centered Teaching 30 Years Ago.” Journal of Management Education, 2007, 31 (3), 339-357.

Orienting to Change
Improvement is not a dirty word
Fixing problems and building strengths
Think about more and better learning for students
Teaching excellence is a journey not a quest

Making Good Change Choices
More head and less gut choices when deciding what to change
Consider fit
Taking some risks
How to Change: Adapting and Implementing
Making it work when I do it, with my content, my students and in my classroom
The systematic approach vs. the Nike “just do it” approach
Deciding: Did it Work?
The worst time to decide
What teachers should decide
Soliciting and responding to student feedback

Deciding: Should I do it More?
The iterative process of change
When to abandon an innovation
When to diffuse the innovation more broadly

Deciding when I’ve done it too long

Content from Maryellen Weimer’s, Inspired College Teaching:  A Career-Long Resource for Professional Growth , published by Jossey-Bass, 2010.