UNIPhD - Selection process

UNIPhD - Selection process

11 January 2022:                 Publication of the call
8 March 2022:                      Call deadline
9-29 March 2022:                 Step 1 - Eligibility and admissibility check
30 March - 3 May 2022:       Step 2 - Evaluation of applications
4 May - 14 June 2022:         Step 3 - Interviews
28 June - 5 July 2022:         Step 4 - Overall ranking list
1 October 2022:                   Acceptance of fellowship and contract signature

  Selection process Step 1: Eligibility and admissibility check

The eligibility check will be carried out by the Technical Committee (TC), which reserves the possibility to ask applicants for additional information or clarifications. Results of the eligibility check will be anonymously published on the UNIPhD website as soon as the process is concluded, and applicants will be notified by email about the publication of results.

  Selection process Step 2: Evaluation of applications

A Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC) will be established for each of the 25 Doctoral Courses involved in UNIPhD. The 3 members of each SEC will assess the applications according to specific criteria (see Art. 4.3 of the call).

At this step, SECs will also flag proposals that pose ethical issues and will involve the UNIPhD Ethics Committee for a preliminary evaluation. Applicants may be asked to address ethical concerns during the interview.

Applicants will be ranked and the list of those admitted to Step 3 will be anonymously published on the UNIPhD website. All applicants will be notified by email about the publication of results. Applicants admitted to Step 3 will be invited for an interview through email. Applicants who did not pass will be duly informed on the outcome of Step 2 of the evaluation.

  Selection process Step 3: Interview

All interviews will be conducted in English by the SEC of each Doctoral Course, plus 2 additional members: 1 representative of the non-academic sector and 1 counsellor/motivational expert.

Each interview will last approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled through videoconference (Zoom) in consideration of the time zone of the applicants’ country of residence. The applicant will be informed well in advance about technical requirements needed for the interview.

Each interview will be assessed according to specific criteria and a global score will be assigned to each applicant.

  Selection process Step 4: Overall ranking list

The UNIPhD Executive Board, in collaboration with the Technical Committee, will review the results of all evaluation procedures and will determine a final merit-based ranking for every research topic in each Doctoral Course weighing the scores obtained in Step 2 and 3.

50 PhD fellowships (2 per PhD Course, 1 for each research topic) will be awarded. The final lists of applicants admitted to the Programme will be published on the UNIPhD website in an anonymous manner.

All applicants that were selected for Step 3 will be duly informed via email about the publication of results, and individual feedbacks on the outcome of the evaluation will be sent to each applicant on whether their proposal was funded.

  Redress procedure

Applicants may submit a request for redress if they feel that there has been a shortcoming in the way their proposal has been evaluated that may affect the final decision on the selection of the application. Requests for redress may be asked by the applicant at the end of Steps 1, 2, and 4 of the evaluation process.

Details on the redress procedure can be found at Art. 4.1 of the Call.

  Acceptance of fellowship and contract signature

Selected applicants will be enrolled in the UNIPhD Doctoral Courses starting in the Academic Year 2022/2023. Courses will begin on 1 October 2022. Admission to a PhD course is a full time, exclusive commitment.

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