UNIPhD - Management bodies

UNIPhD - Management bodies

For the successful implementation of the project, a robust management framework is envisaged for UNIPhD and it is designed to have a clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities while allowing effective lines for communications and decisions.

UniPhD - Management Bodies

  Programme Coordinator (PC)

The Programme Coordinator is the Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Fabio Zwirner. The PC chairs the Executive Board (EB) and is responsible for the correct communication and implementation of all aspects of UNIPhD.

  Programme Manager (PM)

The Programme Manager is Dr. Andrea Berti, Managing Director of Unipd Research and Business Relations Area. The PM’s role is to supervise the UNIPhD management, assuring the allocation of financial resources, the correct application of all procedures and effective communication between all participants of UNIPhD.

  Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board is the decision-making body responsible for the overall coordination, implementation, and monitoring of the Programme. The EB is composed of 13 members:

  • the Programme Coordinator
  • 9 representatives of the UNIPhD Doctoral Courses to equally represent the scientific areas
  • 1 representative of the Unipd Equal Opportunities Committee
  • 1 representative of the non-academic sector
  • 1 representative of the Veneto Region

  Supervisory Board (SB)

The Supervisory Board is the organ that bridges UNIPhD with the entire academic community of Unipd. The SB is composed of the Directors (or their designated delegates) of the 25 Doctoral Courses participating in UNIPhD. After the ESRs recruitment is completed, the SB will also include 4 ESR-representatives, elected by all UNIPhD-ESRs for 3 years

  UNIPhD Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee serves as intermediary between UNIPhD and the 3 Ethical Committees of Unipd: the University Ethics Committee for Research on Animals (UECRA), the Hospital of Padua Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (HECR) and the Ethics Committee for Psychological Research. The UNIPhD Ethics Committee will be composed of 1 member from each of the abovementioned Ethics committees. It will be involved in the assessment of ethical issues during the course of UNIPhD.

  Scientific Evaluation Committees (SECs)

The Scientific Evaluation Committees will carry out the evaluation procedures during steps 2 and 3 of the selection process. A SEC will be established for each of the 25 Doctoral Courses involved in UNIPhD and their gender-balanced composition is guaranteed. At the second step of the Selection process, each SEC is composed by 3 members:

  • 1 internal member, chosen among the supervisors of the Doctoral Course, who will act as Chairperson
  • 2 internationally recognized experts, 1 for each of the research topics, external to the Doctoral Course and to Unipd

At the third step of the Selection process (Interview phase), each SEC will be assisted by 2 additional members: 1 representative of the non-academic sector, and 1 counsellor/motivational expert, chosen among Unipd staff.

  Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee is coordinated by the PM and includes the Head of the International Research Office (IRO) and the Head of the PhD Office supported by two dedicated resources recruited for the project. The TC main duties concern the scheduling and managing of project activities adopting the decisions made by the EB. During the selection process, it is in charge of assessing applicants’ eligibility and will respond to redress requests.

  Trusted Intermediary

The Trusted Intermediary ensures the wellbeing of ESRs, acting as a reference point throughout their enrolment, and mediates potential ESRs’ conflicts with the supervisor and directs to appropriate Support Services in case ESRs face stress or psychological suffering. S(he) also helps the EB to identify and coordinate the counsellor/motivational experts working during Step 3 of the evaluation process.

  External Advisory Board (EAB)

The External Advisory Board provides unbiased external judgment on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Programme and, if any shortcoming emerges, will suggest adequate corrective actions or mitigating measures to the EB. The EAB members include:

  • 3 internationally recognized scientists, 1 for each scientific domain: Prof. Jeremy Bradshaw, University of Bath, UK (LS); Prof. Jurriaan Huskens, University of Twente, Netherlands (PE); Prof. Leonor Pena Chocarro, CSIC - Spanish National Research Council, Spain (SH);
  • 1 representative of the non-academic sector: Dr. Carla Marchioro, Scientific Director & Head of Discovery and Development R4R - Pharma and Analytical Division, with previous experience as MSCA reviewer;
  • 1 expert on evaluation, education and training: Dr. Dragana Avramov, independent advisor for the EC on evaluation and policy review, scientific coordinator of the European Commission Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training (NESET), and with previous experience as MSCA reviewer;
  • 1 expert of Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) and C&C: Dr. Luis Rovira Pato (Director of Institution of Research Centers of Catalonia - CERCA), European Commission independent advisor for HRS4R.

  External Expert on Virtual and Exchange Mobility (VEEM)

The VEEM is Prof. Miriam Hauck, senior lecturer of Linguistics at the Department of Languages of the Open University (London). Her advice and recommendations will allow to effectively organize actions of technology-mediated virtual mobility or virtual exchange as well as collaborative on line learning involving ESRs, Unipd and institutions hosting secondments, when needed.

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