UNIPhD - Fellowships

UNIPhD - Fellowships

The global call for applications offers a total of 50 fellowships (36 month long) to incoming transnational ESRs, in all scientific areas.

The annual UNIPhD fellow salary, which is paid monthly, amounts to €34.920 (gross amount) for researchers with family responsibilities or to €32.520 (gross amount) for researchers with no family responsabilities. Salary comprises the following allowances:

  • Living allowance: €2.510/month for 36 months;
  • Mobility allowance: €200/month for 36 months, covering fellows’ expenses linked to their mobility (i.e. relocation, travel expenses);
  • Family allowance: €200/month for 36 months for UNIPhD Fellows with family obligations at the time of recruitment. The family allowance is reserved to applicants linked to another person by (i) marriage, or (ii) a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country where this relationship was formalised, or (iii) dependent children who are actually being maintained by the applicant.

UNIPhD Fellows receive additional financial support to cover research, training and networking costs, that is, purchase of equipment, consumables, publications, Open Access costs, fees for scientific journals, travel expenses and external services. The funding will be managed by the Host Department and will be subject to the approval of their supervisor.

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