Sustainable UniPadova

The University of Padua, in accordance with its tradition – dating back to 1222 and summarised in the motto “Universa Universis Patavina Libertas” – “promotes the development of a culture based on universal values such as human rights, peace, environmental protection and international solidarity” (Article 1.2 of the Statute).

In line with this vision, and pursuant to its mission to create value for its stakeholders and for the whole community, the university reaffirms its central role as a public body and promoter of sustainable development in the following areas: growth, welfare and fair sharing of economic resources, inclusion and gender equality, environmental protection. Attention to sustainability and awareness of the role it plays in the development of future generations are core values of the University.

It assumes a management and organisational model that is attentive to sustainability and inclusion and organises activities that also involve the local community.

This commitment, with the contribution of the various components of the academic community, is implemented in areas in which the University carries out its functions: teaching, research and technology transfer, as well as the link with the local institutions and community and the mediation between their graduates and the labour market.

In this context, the University has created and intends to promote the “Sustainable UniPadova” project, as a container and catalyst for initiatives aimed at sustainability to coordinate and give visibility to all the actions organised by the University in terms of sustainability, involving the entire academic community, from students and staff to government bodies.