Sixty-one thousand students, more than 25% of the town’s population, every day crowd the five main poles of the University of Padova (Science and Technology, Humanities, Medicine, Law and Social and Political Sciences), the Agripolis campus, and 14 decentralized branches in other provinces of the Veneto region.

Over 2 million books are available in the libraries, which not only document the history of the University over the centuries, but also accompany its journey into the future.
Easy access to reading rooms and a complete online catalogue (containing 14,012 electronic magazines) prove the efficiency of the University’s library system.
University life goes on in: 32 Depts, 33 libraries, 43 research and service centres, 1 general hospital, 1 veterinary hospital and an experimental farm. The University operates through 2054 professors and researchers and 2227 members of the technicians and administrative personnel.

Administration work covers student services, library administration and maintenance, international relations, dialogue with employers, and management of the University hospital and astronomic observatory.
This complex organisation controls a budget of 603 million 235 thousand euros.