Local development - a.y. 2018/19

The Local Development programme trains professionals to be able to help private and public organizations, enterprises, local communities, civil society movements acting in the territory to draft local development policies.


Level: Second-cycle degree

Field of study: LM-81- Development co-operation

Degree awarded: Master of Science in Local Development

Start date: September 2018

Location: Padova (part in Legnaro Campus)

Available places: European candidates: unlimited (with admission requirements) ; Non-European candidates residing outside Italy: 15 (1 for candidates joining the Marco Polo Project)

  Course description

This degree course is held entirely in English, and provides a thorough understanding of specific forms and social, economic, regional and institutional dynamics that characterize the processes of local development in different contexts and at different levels of development, and knowledge aimed at promoting the implementation of a sustainability process (policies, operational practices).
In particular, this degree course objective seeks to provide an in-depth application of the different methodologies used for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects for local development.

This degree course includes activities dedicated to acquiring advanced knowledge in the fields of political, economic, regional and social organization, statistics for the measurement of local and sustainable development, intercultural learnings, design and development of group dynamics.
The course includes an on-site traineeship, in Italy or abroad, in conjunction with relevant authorities and NGOs, to conduct the case study that will provide the starting point for the Second Cycle degree course final exam.

Master's degree brochure: https://elearning.unipd.it/scienzeumane/mod/folder/view.php?id=90560

  Career opportunities

This degree course prepares students for professions in local development and more generally in development cooperation in different social and regional contexts, with non-governmental organizations, government at various levels, international organizations and agencies, professional and neighborhood associations. Potential employment opportunities lie in the broad field of development cooperation - especially decentralized - and the promotion of community development in terms of context analysis and feasibility studies, activities under the project cycle, participation in the elaboration and evaluation of policies and programs of this sector.

  Entry requirements

There is no limited number or admission test.

Students can enroll if holding a three-year Degree (Laurea, Ba/BSc, Licence, Licenciadura, a.s.o.)

Curricular requirements:

  1. Degree in L-1, L-5, L-6, L-7, L-10, L-11, L-12, L-13, L-14, L-15, L-16, L -17, L-18, L-19, L-20, L-21, L-24, L-25, L-26, L-32, L-33, L-34, L-36, L-37 , L-39, L-40, L-41, L-42 ex DM 270/04 or graduation grades 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 ex DM 509/99 obtained in any Italian university.
  2. B2 level English certificate (mother tongue candidates are exempted from the obligation to send the certificate).
  3. Degree mark: 95/110.

For candidates who have an Italian qualification other than those covered by DM 509/99 or DM 270/2004, verification of curricular requirements will be carried out by the Admission Commission.

  Language requirements

B2 Level (with certificate)


The link to the online application platform as well as step by step guidelines on the online application procedure are included in the Call for Application below (page 2). Please follow the instructions carefully when applying online since links and procedures differ depending on the degree course.

The payment of the application fee (euro 30) is a compulsory step to complete your application. The application fee is non-refundable. For detailed payment instructions please read our guide. If you wish to apply for more than one programme, you need to pay the application fee for each course you are applying for. 

For general information on application procedures, please check How to apply.

  Tuition fees

Information on 2018/19 fees are available on page: www.unipd.it/en/tuition-fees.

The total amount (euro 2507,00) can be significantly waived based on your “Equivalent Economic Status Index – ISEE”. For further information on how to obtain your ISEE and other income-based reductions, see Funding and fees - Key Documents.

Applicants receiving an offer of admission, either unconditional or conditional, will be asked to pay a tuition fee deposit of euro 185,00 within 30 days to secure their place on the programme.

  Scholarships and fee-waivers

The University of Padova offers different types of scholarships and fee-waivers to international students.

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