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European citizens

These application guidelines are applicable if you are: 

  • a citizen of any European Union Member States
  • a citizen from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or San Marino
  • a citizen with dual nationality, including Italian or any other European nationality. Please note that if you have an Italian nationality, you must apply as Italian according to Italian Law.

  NEW online application process for 15 Master's degree courses held in English - a.y. 2019/20

The following English-taught Master's degree programmes provide a special Call for applications reserved to candidates with a foreign degree:

  • Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Biotechnologies for food science
  • Business Administration*
  • Economics and Finance*
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation*
  • Environmental Engineering
  • European and Global studies
  • Forest Science
  • Human rights and multi-level governance
  • ICT for Internet and multimedia
  • Italian Food and Wine
  • Local Development
  • Mathematical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Sustainable Agriculture

All applicants are required to use ONLY the new online procedure ( according to the following timeline:

  • 15th April - 31st May: non-European candidates residing outside Italy (not valid for courses marked with *)
  • 15th April - 15th July: European candidates; non-European candidates residing in Italy

Please ignore the "Step by step" procedure mentioned below.

  Step by step procedure

When applying online, you should follow the instructions and deadlines provided in the specific Call for Applications for international students. Key steps are summarized below:

  1. Choose your degree course
    Have a look at our academic offer in English
  2. Check the entry requirements
    Make sure you meet the course requirements indicated in the Call, otherwise your application will be rejected.
  3. Prepare all required documents (in PDF format), as listed in the Call for Applications
  4. Register on Uniweb, as explained in the Call for Applications. Please note: when entering your data on Uniweb, insert your Name and Surname as written on your Passport.
  5. Complete the online application on Uniweb and remember to upload all required documents. Please DO NOT send any documents via email, as they will not be considered. Please note: more than one course can be chosen.
  6. Pay the application fee (€30,00), otherwise your application will not be considered. The application fee is non-refundable. If you wish to apply for more than one programme, you need to pay the application fee for each course you are applying for. The fee can be paid by credit card or by bank transfer into the bank account of the University of Padova. Do not send cash. See the Call for Applications for detailed information.
  7. Print out the application summary. Please note that you will not receive any email confirmation upon the submission of the application. The application summary print-out is therefore the proof of application.
  8. Once your application is complete, it will be academically assessed against the criteria specified in the Call for Applications by a dedicated Course Selection Committee
  9. Wait for the selection results to be published online. Admission results will be published, together with the scholarship and fee-waiver selection results
  10. If you have been selected, you will also receive an Offer Letter from the International Admissions Office. The letter will contain information on the degree course you have been admitted to, as well as on awarded funding (if any).
  11. Should you have been admitted to the course despite not having met all requirements at the time of application (e.g. Bachelor graduation for a Master application, etc.) you will receive a Conditional Offer Letter stating the formalities you will have to complete to be able to enrol.
  12. In order to complete enrolment, follow the instructions provided in the How to enrol section.

  Required documents

When completing your online application, you will have to upload the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae written in English
  • cover letter in English
  • For Master course applicants: copy of your degree, if you have already graduated and Transcript of Records of your previous qualifications (preferably including ECTS statistics – where applicable); for those countries in which it is issued, the Diploma Supplement can be uploaded instead of the Transcript of Records
  • English language or other language certifications if required by the chosen course (see the courses description and the Call for Applications for detailed information)
  • copy of an ID document (ID card or passport)
  • copy of the application fee payment receipt (euro 30)
  • any other document requested by your chosen degree course. Check the Call for Applications for further information

Please note: if you are admitted to the degree course, you will have to submit other documents including original and translated/legalised copies of your previous qualifications, etc. No legalised documents will have to be submitted at application stage, but an English or Italian translation of your previous qualifications should be uploaded as well. For further information, refer to the Call for Applications and the How to enrol section.

No Italian language certificate is required if you are applying for a degree course entirely held in English.

  Advise for applicants with special needs

Students with disability or specific learning disability (SLD) may contact the University Disability and Dyslexia Service to report any special needs they may have or to enquire about tuition fee reductions and services available for support in relation to class attendance.

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