PhD program in Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering

The PhD program in Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering was designed as an interdisciplinary learning path suitable to provide expertise and knowledge for highly qualified researchers working both in Academia and Industry.

The multidisciplinary teaching program, supported by the strong research groups inside the department and several international co-operations, is oriented to complete and to be consistent with the master courses and the research activity of the university campus of Vicenza in the area of manufacturing mechanical industry, with specific attention to the automatic machines and plants. To this aim, the key competencies provided are the innovative design methodologies and advanced materials, design and control of automatic machines, industrial plants and logistics.

The PhD program is therefore organized in three parallel curricula:


Coordinator: prof. Alessandro Persona -

  • Industrial Facility design, analysis and simulation. Industrial logistics and material flow optimization
  • Logistic networks design and control, Supply Chain Management
  • Automated logistics systems design and management  (automated warehouses, ASRS systems, handling systems, packaging flow lines, picking systems, shuttle systems, etc.)
  • Integrated study and design of the product-package-machine system
  • Transportations and info-mobility of goods and persons
  • Industrial facility maintenance, machine availability, reverse logistics and spare parts management

  Mechanics of Materials

Coordinator: prof.Marino Quaresimin -

  • Damage mechanics of polymer composites and nanocomposites (fracture, fatigue, energy absorption)
  • Damage mechanics of metallic materials (fracture, fatigue)
  • Effects of manufacturing defects on mechanical properties of structural materials
  • Innovative metallic materials and polymer composites
  • Innovative multifunctional materials
  • Numerical simulation of welding processes


Coordinator: prof.Roberto Caracciolo -

  • Conceptual design of mechanic and mechatronic systems
  • Automatic machines and industrial robots
  • Control techniques for mechatronic devices
  • Power electronics and energy conversion systems
  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems


The definition of research projects by perspective PhD candidates has to be made with the support and supervision, even in the preliminary phase, by a member of the teaching staff of the School. Each student accepted for the program will be supervised by an experienced tutor, with the possibility also to add an external supervisor. For preparing their research proposal, perspective candidates are invited to contact either the curriculum coordinators (see above) or the referent for each curriculum (see below).

An intense and extensive offer of multidisciplinary courses, seminars and workshops is provided within the PhD program together with specific training activities oriented to prepare the students to disseminate the results of their research in publications and presentations at conferences.

The duration of the program is three years, at the end of which the research activity done by each PhD candidate is evaluated by the School council. Then the candidate is required to prepare the final dissertation (PhD thesis) illustrating the outcomes of his research and this will be assessed also by a committee of external experts to confer the title of Research Doctor. If special conditions are met (research activity in another European country for a minimum of 3 months, thesis written in English and revised by two foreign reviewers, dissertation with an international examination panel) the final dissertation will confer also the title of Doctor Europaeus.


Alessandro Persona, PhD director, Department Management and Engineering, University of Padova -

Perspective candidates are also invited to contact the following persons for advice and information on specific research areas:

- Logistics - prof.ssa Daria Battini,, +39 320 1831667

- Mechanics of Materials - prof. Filippo Berto,, +39 0444 998747

- Mechatronics - prof. Paolo Mattavelli,, +39 0444 998709