PhD Course in Social Sciences - Interaction, Communication, Cultural Construction

The PhD Course in Social Sciences – Interaction, Communication, Cultural Construction is a three-year program held within the FISPPA (Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology) Department of the University of Padova.

The Program is designed to prepare high level scholars for the analysis of cultural processes of social change, which are characteristic of high complexity societies, though the acquisition of sociological and social psychological knowledge and with contribution from anthropology and social statistics, within an interdisciplinary context.

Theoretical and methodological perspectives are dealt with strong emphasis on interactionist and constructivist approaches. Main concerns are migration and cultural pluralism in the public sphere. Other main topics regard communication, gender, citizenship, labour, health, sustainability.

During the first year the doctoral students have to devise their research project and follow introductory courses on theoretical and methodological aspects of the abovementioned disciplines as well as meetings and seminars along the three years. Courses and meetings are held mostly in Italian and partly in English.

At the end of the first year, doctoral students, each one followed by a Tutor,  present in a formal talk the state of the art of their research project to the PhD College. The second year is devoted to research, including a training period abroad and is concluded by a second presentation of the research project. The third year id absorbed by the preparation of the PhD dissertation, which may be written in Italian or English (other language can be considered).

At the end of the program, each student will discuss his/her Ph.D. Thesis, in Italian or English, in front of a national committee.

  Research lines

  1. Theories and research approaches for the analysis of cultural and communication processes and social reproduction;
  2. Theoretical models and analytical tools of interaction processes and cultural construction;
  3. World Migration and trans-cultural reconfiguration of European and global Social and Political Space;
  4. Religions and religious behaviours;
  5. Cultural pluralism: public sphere, religions, ethic social issues and mass-media;
  6. Cultures of citizenship and solidarity, social exclusion processes in the transformation of European social spaces;
  7. Gender studies in the international context;
  8. Conflicts and recognition of differences, pluralisation of identities, formation of shared memories at the local and European and global level;
  9. Inter-generational relations: social construction of childhood and under-age individuals;
  10. Social construction of normality and deviance;
  11. Cultural pluralism: sciences and public opinion;
  12. Communication and mass-media, social and public communication;
  13. Ethnography and Qualitative research methodologies;
  14. Statistic for Social Sciences and Quantitative research methodologies;
  15. Quality of Life: individual treatments and social contexts;
  16. Labour studies and Global society;
    Economic Sociology

For the specific aims of Scholarships for Chinese PhD students (China Scholarship Council - University of Padova Scholarships) suitable research lines at present are line 4 Religions and religious behaviours  line 3 World Migration and trans-cultural reconfiguration of European  and global Social and Political Space and, more broadly, Sociology of Work.

Contact persons
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