PhD Course in International Law and Private and Labour Law

The 3-year PhD Course in “International Law, and Private and Labour Law” at the University of Padova (Department of Political Sciences, Law and International Studies) offers highly competitive  PhD programmes  in the 3 fields of Law (International Law, Private Law, and Labour Law).

Upon joining a research group, students at “ILPLL” can obtain advice on research course selection and career planning from advanced students in the research group as well as from the thesis adviser.

The PhD course was started in 2004 from the merge of the doctoral courses in “Private Law and constitutional guarantee” and “International Law ‘Alberico Gentili’ ” (both active since 1998).

In the period ranging from 2004 to 2013, about 150 PhD students, uniformly distributed among the three areas of interest of the Ph.D. course, were enrolled.

The course’s teaching must incline towards offering postgraduates students the experience of the real interdisciplinary character between the areas of International Law and Private and Labour Law. Such a method will be an instrument and basis for research training characterized by an interest in the fields and issues where connection between the different areas is more vivid and evident and by the capacity to use categories and sources suited to the different disciplines.

With this object in view, teaching will be aimed, especially in the first year, to place consistent cross-course teaching common to all postgraduates admitted to the Course alongside the activities specific to an individual course of study. With this aim in mind, teaching will integrate lessons and conferences in the context of seminar-style meetings with the active participation of the postgraduates both in preparation and during the course of a meeting.

Special attention will be placed on training themes concerning methodology (source theory, interpretation theory) and on experiences, regulatory and jurisprudential development; developmental trends which include the aspect of interaction between International Law and Labour and Private Law. In fact, we will be tending towards supporting teaching with interdisciplinary research activities involving the scholars within the course.

The direction of study towards the opening up of single disciplines will also be taken into consideration as far as the postgraduates’ orientation on the choice of an individual research topic is concerned, and should it be the case coordinating topics centered on the different lines of study in the Ph. D. course.

Following the first year, over subsequent year’s activities following the line of study and individual research must be favoured, moreover urging the postgraduates to participate in intensive courses and training seminars in Italy and abroad. As a result of this activities, the postgraduates will benefit from the international connections.

Every academic year the Course, jointly with the China Scholarship Council (CSC), offers 1 scholarships to candidates from the People’s Republic of China.
Additional openings are available for candidates from the PRC trough standard yearly selection procedures, held by the University of Padua.

  Main Research Topics

  • Qualifying doctoral graduates for research in the field of Private Law, which is no longer considered only from the point of view of the Italian legal system but also from the perspective of comparison with other European legal systems and within the dynamics of their harmonization (contact person: prof. Filippo Viglione
  • Labour Law and Trade Union Law from the perspectives of the national legal system, in comparison with the legal systems of the EU member  States, and  International Law (contact person: prof. Andrea Sitzia
  • Public and Private International Law and European Union Law from the perspective of their historical background and development (contact person: prof. Enrico Zamuner ).