Padova Day @ ShanghaiTech


16-17 November 2017

The two-day symposium is jointly organised by the University of Padova and the ShanghaiTech University (Shanghai, P.R. China).

It aims to allow a continuity to the Summer School, deepening the connections with the students, but also with all the members of ShanghaiTech University.

The symposium will highlight the topics of joint research interest and exchange of technical-scientific know-how and general culture between the University of Padova and ShanghaiTech University, promoting possible intensive courses that professors from UniPd could offer in ShanghaiTech.

Finally, the meeting will involve not only the academic members of ShanghaiTech and Padova University, but also the Alumni of the University of Padova living in the area and in general reinforce the ties between the two universities and the local territory.


ShanghaiTech campus
393 Middle Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai