Accommodation - Erasmus+ for Studies and SEMP

  Halls of residence

Due to the limited number of places available in the students' halls of residence, only non-European  students who need a study visa to enter and stay in Italy can apply for accommodation. These students will be invited by email to fill in an Accommodation form, in order to request a place. The rooms will be assigned based on the chronological order of the requests. We cannot guarantee that all non-European students will be assigned a room.

In case a few places are still available after the first round of room allocations, European students will be invited via email to apply for a place in the dorms.

Neither the SASSA Service nor the Mobility Unit will be able to reply to any requests of availability of accommodation from students who haven’t been personally invited to apply for it by email.

  Private housing

The Mobility Unit will send to all nominated students a guide on accommodation, containing information and tips on the search of private housing in Padua and surrounding.

You can search for private accommodation on HousingAnywhere, an international housing platform for students, PhD candidates and trainees. Through HousingAnywhere you can book your new accommodation, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. If you want, you can sign up here and receive:

  • a 20% discount on the booking fee;
  • a VIP badge on the profile that grants priority access to all rooms;
  • priority assistance via whatsapp, live chat and e-mail.

After your mobility period, before going back home, you can also rent your room to other students who will take over your place. You are legally required to collect the consent of the landlord before publishing the ad.

For further information, please contact:

  Private colleges and Catholic University Colleges

You can also book an accommodation in one of the private colleges or in a Catholic University College available; you will have to contact them directly.

Check the list on the Italian website.

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