Marina De Rossi

Project delegate to Teachers' Training

Graduated in Pedagogy at Padua, since 1993 she carries out continuous research at the Department of Educational Sciences. Since 1998 (MURST Decree 26 May) she performs activities of didactic supervision in the Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences participating in the national project of “Monitoring university courses for the training of teachers”.

In 2005 she became a university researcher, in 2011 she was a 2nd level professor in the scientific discipline M-PED/03-Didactics and Special Pedagogy. In 2012 she was granted qualification for the 1st Level for the Competition Sector 11/D2 (ASN 2012).

Her research activity concerns the impact of teaching methodologies in educational and training processes in formal, non-formal and informal contexts; multidimensional models for initial and continuing teacher training; models of ICT integration in school and university education (TPACK, ICT-TPCK); digital narrative methodologies in educational, training and research contexts (Digital Storytelling, digital narrative documentation, video-research).

She published a hundred products including monographs and scientific articles in national and international journals.

She also acts as a coordinator and transfer agent in European projects (FP7 Science in Society). In the field of teacher training, she coordinated projects in collaboration with MIUR and INDIRE and carries out tasks of coordination and scientific supervision of USR-Veneto - promoted activities.

She is a member of national and international associations of didactic research (SIRD; SIREM; ATEE; AACE; IATED; EARLI).

Over the years, she held the following management positions in the University of Padua: delegate of the Rector for Equal Opportunities from 2009 to 2015 and delegate of the Rector for Teacher Training from 2015 to the present; president of the CPO from 2009 to 2012 and president of the Commission for Equal Opportunities until 2015; president of the master's degree course in Planning and Management of Educational, School and Training Services of the FISPPA Department (2013- 2015); coordinator of the 24 CFU pathways for the qualification of access to teaching in secondary school (D.M. 616/17); coordinator of the Ordering Committee of the Intensive Course of 60 CFU for the attainment of the qualification of socio-pedagogical professional educator (art. 1, paragraph 597, Law 27/12/2017 n. 205); permanent delegate of the Rector and member of the scientific committee of RUIAP (Italian University Network for Lifelong Learning).