Internships and Job Placement

Career Service guides students and new graduates in their transition from the academic world to the professional world. Links have been established between the University and firms, private and public institutions and professional associations to create and promote internships as an opportunity to exchange information and experiences.
The Vetrina degli Stages help students and new graduates to look for internships and training opportunities. A list of the associated firms is available for subscribers, who can decide whether the job description corresponds to their job aims.

  Incoming Students for Internship and Training, included the Erasmus for Traineeships Programme - Application

Please notice: All applications for internships at the University of Padova are managed not by the International Relations office but by the Career Service Office.

Incoming students wishing to do an internship/traineeship within no mobility programme can apply for an internship in a Department, Laboratory, Library or other division of the University of Padova under the supervision of a Professor. Please notice that the internship mobility does not include in any case enrolment at the University of Padova since the University will play the role of the Host Organization and you will play the role of an intern, not of a student. As a consequence to that you will not be allowed to do exams in Padova. And, more important, you will be required to bring insurances for Accident on the Job and for Third Party Liability at your arrival in Padova.

If you want to apply, please send a an email to with your CV, your Transcript of Records and a Letter of Motivation containing the activities, the fields of research or a description of the project that you would like to develop during your stay in our University. Your request will be forwarded to the departments that can be interested in your profile and you will be contacted back as soon as there is a reply. Therefore, applications need to be sent at least one month/one month and a half before the internship period.

Please take into consideration the following points:

  • Italian language knowledge may be required at least at an intermediate level
  • all departments of the University of Padova generally close for a period from two to four weeks during the month of August for Summer Break. So, if you apply for the summer period (e.g. from July to September) you may be required to consider a different period of mobility: either split in two parts, e.g. from June to July and then September, either a whole new period.

In case of acceptance from a Department of the University of Padova you will have to:

  • prepare at least two copies of the Training Agreement (no Learning Agreement will be accepted for obvious reasons) with your signature and signature from your University and where the University of Padova can sign as Hosting Organization
  • check your insurances for Accident on the Job and for Third Party Liability required by the Italian Law for internships. First check if your home University can cover you for such insurances. Otherwise please buy them personally in your home Country before arriving in Padova. In Italy foreign citizens cannot buy these insurances
  • provide signed Training Agreement and copy of your Insurance Policies as soon as you arrive in Padova at the Career Service office.

Immunization records and blood examinations (Medicine and Surgery students only)

  • According to our School of Medicine and Surgery new regulations, it is now compulsory for all Italian and foreign students to provide immunization records, comprehensive of quantiferon test, the hepatitis B and C antibodies and the skin diseases (rubella, measles, mumps and chickenpox tests) to before arriving to Padova or just after your arrival.

At your arrival you will be also requested to make a blood test by our University Hospital; all the necessary documents for the test will be provided by A.S. dr.ssa Clara Frasson - Servizio di Medicina Preventiva - Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare -sede di Medicina del lavoro, via Marzolo 3/A (all the related costs will be at our charge).

Please, take care: you cannot start your practice in hospital without the blood test results.

For Erasmus Traineeship incoming students' accommodation please apply at
For general information regarding the city of Padova please go to

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All students can search for private accommodation on HousingAnywhere, an international housing platform for students, PhD candidates and trainees. Through HousingAnywhere they can safely book their new accommodation, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. Rooms offered by outgoing students can be easily recognized thanks to the "Verified Student" VIP badge on their profile.

All incoming students of the University of Padua can benefit from a 10% discount on the booking fee. In order to claim the discount, they should create their Unipd VIP profile and contact HousingAnywhere’s Customer Care ( right after having sent a booking request.

To receive an Unipd VIP profile and priority access to the listings:

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