FAQ – COVID-19 effects on student mobility - Double/Joint programmes (a.y. 2021/22)

Despite the difficult times, the University of Padua is open. We are aware that you may have many questions regarding your life as a student. Some of the answers can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions hereunder. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, we are ready to help: elisa.zambon@unipd.it

Mobility Updates

  Is the mobility in the Second Semester 2021/22 confirmed?

Yes, the University of Padua is accepting students for next academic year.

  What should I do if I am not sure whether to come to Padua or to cancel my mobility?

If you are still not sure, you do not need to cancel your mobility now. Please fill in the Application and the Accommodation forms by the deadline. Later on, you can let us know if you want to cancel your mobility by sending an email to elisa.zambon@unipd.it

We will regularly inform you by email on any developments of the situation in Italy, in Padua and at the University, so you will be able to make an informed decision on your mobility period at Unipd.

  Can I attend the entire semester remotely from my Home Country?

Yes, you can, as long as your Home University and/or the coordinators of the international joint programme allow you to do so and depending on the teaching modalities offered by Unipd, which haven’t been established yet and which will adapt to the national and regional measures against Covid-19 and might change with short notice.

If you also have a scholarship and you need to get an Arrival certificate or an Attendance certificate, please keep in mind that certificates will be signed only if you arrive in Padua.

  What should I do if I want to cancel my mobility period this academic year (2021/22) ?

Please send an email to elisa.zambon@unipd.it and inform your Home University and/or the coordinators of the international joint programme.

If you are assigned a room in a ESU residence hall, please notify SASSA service as well (sassa@esu.pd.it).

  What about my grant?

Please ask your Home University or the entity responsible for the payment of your scholarship.

  Can I get my Attendance certificate signed?

Unipd signs only the Attendance certificates AFTER the arrival of students in Padua.

Academic Information

  How can I attend classes?

Currently most classes are held online only, except for laboratory activities, field trips, practical traineeships, which may continue in presence.

All information and materials on the course units are made available on our  MOODLE platforms.

If you decide to attend in-presence classes, you need to download the “OrariUniPD” app, which is necessary in order to track your class attendance and better manage any health emergency.

For further information, you can visit the dedicated webpage.

As regards classes and other academic activities of next academic year (2021/22), as soon as a decision is made by the Academic Senate, we will update the information on this webpage.

  How will time zone differences be handled in distance-learning classes?

If your time zone strongly affects your chances to attend online classes, please contact the teaching staff as soon as possible. They will advise you of attendance expectations or alternative options.

  Can I take exams on a distance basis, after leaving Padua?

Currently exams are mainly organised in presence, but the recommendation for teaching staff is to allow foreign students to take exams on a distance basis. No official decision has been made about this for the next academic year 2021/22, supposedly if online attendance is possible for students who cannot travel to Padua, online exams should be possible too. We will update this information as soon as UNIPD regulations change.

  How can I register for exams?

Students must always register for exams on Uniweb about a couple of weeks before the exam date.

General Information

  Can I leave Italy?

If you need to leave Italy or go back to your home country, you are entitled to do so, but please check all the travel bans and check if the Embassy/Consulate of your destination Country has published any last-minute additional information. If you are a non-EU citizen, please remember to bring your residence permit / ‘assicurata’ (receipts from the Post Office) with you.

You must also notify us that you are leaving the country: write an e-mail to elisa.zambon@unipd.it

  Where can I find trusted information about travels to/from Italy?

Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.

You can also check Re-open EU, the official EU interactive tool that provides updated information - in 24 languages - on travelling to/from the European Union.

  What should I do if I am tested Covid19-positive while I am in Italy?

  • If you do not have any symptoms, you must stay isolated for at least 10 days and not attend on-campus classes during this period. Before being allowed to leave isolation, you will be required to have a negative test result taken after the 10th day of isolation.
  • If you have symptoms, you must stay isolated and not attend on-campus classes for at least 10 days from the start of the symptoms. Before being allowed to leave isolation, you will be required to have a negative test result taken after the 10th day of isolation and at least 3 days after the disappearance of the symptoms (except smell and taste loss, which could persist).

You also must immediately contact the University's Prevention and Safety Office: sicurezzacovid19@unipd.it. In this way, your contacts with other students in the classrooms can be tracked thanks to OrariApp.

You should send them the test result in attachment and the following information:

  • NAME
  • When did you have the first symptoms (if any)?
  • Did you have contact with a person who was tested positive? When was the last contact?
  • TELEPHONE NUMBER (you can also put the one of the residence as well as your mobile one)

Do not forget to tell all the people you have met recently, they should quarantine for 14 days (or for 10 days with a negative test taken on the 10th day, or after).

  What should I do in case of fever and/or Covid-related symptoms while I am in Italy?

If you don't feel well, if your temperature is higher than 37.5°C, or if you have a cold, a headache, but you are not sure that your symptoms are Covid-related, please STAY AT HOME and do not attend on-campus classes until you feel better.

If you think that your symptoms are Covid-related, please inform via email the local Health Agency (called “ULLS 6 Euganea”) by sending an email to emergenzacovid19@aulss6.veneto.it, or by calling them at 800 032 973 describing your symptoms. You can also call a general practitioner of your choice, or the Guardia Medica on weekends (more information here).

The doctor or the local Health Agency will tell you if you need to take a PCR swab test. 

Of course, feel free to take a test privately; it may cost from 55 to 80 Euros, it can be booked in a lab or even done at home (see our list of labs offering PCR tests, you can ask for it by sending an email to erasmus.incoming@unipd.it if you haven’t received it).

Tests in public laboratories have to be paid unless they are mandatory or prescribed by a general practitioner. The cost is 64 Euros. You may have to wait for many hours in line.

When you leave your home to take the test, you should not use any public means of transportation (no buses, no tram)! You can use the bicycle or take a taxi.

If you share an apartment with other people, you should stay in your room all the time and if you share the bathroom, it should be frequently sanitized. Try not to use the kitchen and ask your housemates to bring you food to your room.

If you are staying in a University residence hall, please inform the House Manager or SASSA Service (sassa@esu.pd.it) that you are not feeling well. They can also lend you a thermometer if you need one!

  What should I do if one of my friends/colleagues is tested Covid19-positive while we are in Italy?

If you are a close contact of this person, you might be contacted by the local Health Agency (ULSS) during the contact tracing procedures and required to quarantine for 14 days (or for 10 days with a negative test taken on the 10th day, or after). Even if you are not contacted by the Health Agency, but you know you had recent and close contact with this person, you should quarantine anyway.

  A friend of a friend was tested Covid19-positive, my friend is in quarantine, should I quarantine too?

No. As a close contact of a close contact of a Covid-19 positive person, you don’t need to be tested or quarantined, unless your close contact (your friend) is tested positive at a later time, or if the Health Authority orders a screening.

  Can I leave my accommodation before the end of my contract?

If you are renting a room in a University residence hall, you should contact:

  • for ESU residence halls: sassa@esu.pd.it
  • for private colleges - the residence hall secretariat

If you are renting a room in a shared apartment, you must contact the owner to end your contract in accordance with the provisions outlined in the contract itself.

  Are there any measures regarding rent suspension?

No measure has been taken by the Italian government regarding a temporary suspension of the rents. Therefore, rents must be paid regularly to the landlord.

  Can I have some sort of psychological support?

Yes, in Italian, English and Spanish. You can find all the information at the following links:

If you would like to speak to somebody about how you are feeling, please contact the university service for psychological support by sending an email to psychological.assistance@unipd.it