Accommodation - Bilateral Agreements

All students are required to fill in an Accommodation form, even if they choose for private housing.

Padova has a large student population: finding accommodation once the academic year has started is very difficult. Students’ halls of residence (both those run by private companies and those run by ESU, the regional authority) cannot satisfy all the requests they receive.
Therefore, those who wish to address the SASSA Service to find accommodation are strongly advised to apply well in advance, keeping in mind that the number of single rooms is in any case very limited.


  • 30 June for the first semester and the full academic year
  • 15 November for the second semester

The service in charge of accommodation is:
ESU Padova - SASSA
via Tiepolo, 48 – 35129 PADOVA (Italy)
Tel. +39 049 7927306
Fax +39 049 7800187


Private housing
All students can search for private accommodation on HousingAnywhere, an international housing platform for students, PhD candidates and trainees. Through HousingAnywhere they can safely book their new accommodation, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. Rooms offered by outgoing students can be easily recognized thanks to the "Verified Student" VIP badge on their profile.
To receive an UniPd VIP profile and priority access to the listings:
For more information:

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