Evaluation of Italian agencies

Censis Ratings

July 2021: the University of Padua is surveyed by the Censis 2021/20211 ranking of Italian universities with an overall score of 88.7, confirming it as among the best universities in the 'mega universities' category (of over 40,000 inscriti).  The University of Padua places second in regards to quality of services and scholarships provided, as well as facilities, communication, and digital services and its level of internationalization. 

The ANVUR assessment

June 6, 2019: ANVUR rating, Unipd in phase 2. Rector Rosario Rizzuto: "These are extraordinary result."
The highest score for the University of Padua. After assessing the University during their visit in November of 2018, ANVUR certified the result, and making it the first of this type for a large university.

According to the results of the National Evaluation Agency (ANVUR), the University of Padua is an excellent university in the field of research. The University excels in the quality of research, particularly in physics, medicine, economics, psychology, agriculture, as well as industrial and information engineering.

Education Around

February 2021: The University of Padua ranks seventh in the general ranking division in the EA ranking with a total EA score of 66.6. The score is obtained by calculating the average scores from each university in rankings related to Bachelor’s, Master's and / or Single-cycle degrees offered.
Education Around is a non-profit association that developed its rankings by examining the 63 Italian state universities (Alma-Laurea consortium members) in56 disciplinesusing over 25,000 units of data.