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  3-Minute-Thesis Competition 2024

The Coimbra Group Universities, which encompasses the eldest European Universities not situated within a Capital city, is organizing initiative called Three Minute Thesis.  The University of Padua enthusiastically joined in all the seven past editions and the PhD student selected in the first edition by our University was the winner of the final competition which was held in Edimburgh.

3MT Competition is a competition during which the PhD students have to present their project in English in three minutes through the support of a single slide (animation-free) by proving the ability to synthesize and communicate effectively.

Each University will identify, through progressive elimination selections, its own representative and will have to send the video of the winner by March 29 to the Coimbra Group, which will select three PhD students among all the participating Universities. The three selected candidates will be invited to the final competition at the annual Coimbra Group meeting scheduled from May 31 - June 5, 2023 in Cologne.

In order to identify its own representative, the University of Padua has organized an internal selection arranged in two successive steps:
1.    Selection by the PhD Course
2.    University final

1) Selection by the PhD Course
Each PhD course will select the candidate by the February 15, 2023 organizing the first phase of selection within the course. Please ask the PhD coordinator for more information on the rules.

2) University final
The final candidates selected by each Course will pass to the final phase in March 15, 2023, Orto Botanico, h 5 p.m.. The University final which will be filmed, will be judged by a technical Jury who will select the winner (her/his video will be sent to the Coimbra Group) and a People’s choice Jury who will select a runner up.
Moreover, if the Coimbra Group selects the candidate from the University of Padova among the best three candidates, the candidate will participate at the Final in Turku (June 06, 2024).

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3MT: University final 2023 (March 7, 2023)


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