Degree courses in the italian version of the website

Rilevant information for a given degree programme is available both in the Bilingual course catalogue and in: > corsi

  1. corsi di laurea triennale (Bachelor/first cycle degree programmes)
  2. corsi di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico (One-tier/single cycle degree programmes)
  3. corsi di laurea magistrale (Master/second cycle degree programmes)

By clicking on each of these three paths you will find a window menu with the list of the related degree courses on offer.

By clicking on the name of a given degree course

  • actual Italian name of the degree course

you find a preliminary short description of the programme (in terms of access regulations, location, purpose and characteristics, involved disciplines/subject areas, study progression, employability and further education).

By further clicking on

  • Scheda completa del corso

you enter once more the detailed description of the degree course which is given in the institutional bilingual catalogue described above.