Project "Inclusion and mental health"

An Inclusive University

People with mental illness are associated with limitations in activities and restrictions in participation in important areas of life, such as work and school.

The"Mental Health and Inclusion” Project of the University of Padua aims at tackling the following:

  • deepening the conversation in regards to the presence of mental illness at the University of Padua;
  • examine the problems experienced by people suffering from mental illness and their sense of belonging;
  • give people with mental illness a voice;
  • identify shared forms of management, assumptions, and complexities;
  • facilitate the construction of integrated support networks;
  • outline and implement training courses that encourage the ideas of inclusivity that are focused on equity, social justice, and human right.

The working group is composed of: Donata Boesso , Anna Maria Cremonese , Chiara Facchinetti , Angela Favaro , Gioia Grigolin , Stefania Mannarini, Marco Mascia, Rosa Nardelli , Laura Nota, Carola Pagliarin, Daniela Palomba, Alberto Scuttari, Trevisan Andrea, Maria Teresa Zanato