MSCA Seal of Excellence 2018

MSCA Seal of Excellence @UniPD Funding Programme | MSCA - IF Call 2017

The MSCA Seal of Excellence @UniPD first call for applications is specifically addressed to researchers who, in MSCA-IF 2017, submitted an Individual Fellowship project indicating the University of Padova as their host institution and, despite not being funded by the European Commission because of budget limits, their proposal was assigned the Seal of Excellence - MSC Actions.

The call for applications aims at granting 50,000 Euros for each year of activity, for the whole duration of the project indicated in the MSCA-IF 2017 proposal. The budget has to be used for covering the cost of a research grant (40,000 Euros) and research, training and networking expenses (10,000 Euros).

MSCA Seal of Excellence@UniPD - deadline April 16, 2018 

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