Call for subsidies in the payment of university students’ rent (year 2020)

Students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Single-cycle degree programmes, PhD programmes and Specialisation Schools (not medical ones) at the University of Padua in a.y. 2019/20 and/or 2020/21 may apply for this call for applications if:

a) they have a valid ISEE (equivalent economic status index) for the Right to the Higher Education without discrepancies and not exceeding € 15,000.00 (students can use also ISEE Parificato or ISEE Corrente);

b) they have signed a rent contract for an accommodation located in a municipality other than the one where they reside, for the period of the health emergency falling between February and December 2020 and in which they have an active career;

c) they are not awarded a similar benefit for housing services also in the form of a financial contribution/scholarship.

Such benefit is not compatible with:

  • regional scholarship awarded for a.y. 2019/20 and/or 2020/21 as an off-site student. Only those who have been eligible for the regional scholarship as an on-site or a commuter student, without the amount of the housing service, can apply for this benefit;
  • any other accommodation-related benefits and reimbursements provided by public or private bodies for the period of the health emergency falling between February and December 2020.

In order to obtain the benefit, students must apply from 25 March to 10 May 2021, by filling in the online procedure available in the student’s personal area on UNIWEB, by clicking on “INIZIATIVE”.

From the portal proceed by inserting.

  • a copy of the rent contract and its registration (or eventual takeover/extension/renewal) or of the accommodation contract at university colleges and religious institutions (in this case, the registration to the Revenue Agency is not mandatory);
  • receipts of payment of the monthly instalments for which a refund is requested. 

The application may be cancelled and resubmitted at any time provided that it is submitted within the deadline of the call for applications.

At the end of the procedure it will be possible to view the confirmation of the submission of the application, with the possibility of printing it out.

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