Higher-level education and research apprenticeship

This is an open-ended contract designed to promote the education and employment of young people, enabling them to secure qualifications at higher education level (first-cycle degree, second-cycle degree, first and second level short specialisation degree, PhD programme) or undertake research activities.

The higher-level education and research apprenticeship contract offers young persons between 18 and 29 years of age the chance to combine work and study: for example, they can be employed by a company under an apprenticeship contract while at the same time studying for a degree or working on a research project.

This type of contract gives work providers the option of staffing their company with medium-high profile resources possessing specialist skills, who can help to maximize innovation and increase the productivity of the business.

Applicability: all production sectors, public and private alike

Duration: 6 months minimum, 3 years maximum. The content and duration of the contract are established in the Individual training plan, based on a memorandum of understanding agreed between the company and the University.

In the Veneto region, general criteria for the delivery of higher-level education and research apprenticeship courses are governed by an agreement signed on 21 June 2016 between the Regional Government, the Veneto Region Education Department, the Veneto Universities and social parties.


Higher-level education and research apprenticeship - PhD Programmes

This is an initiative envisaging close collaboration between the University and businesses. The company proposes a research project shared by the PhD programme and offered to young persons in possession of a second-cycle degree, and no more than 29 years of age (at the time of recruitment), who are interested in developing a research project as the employee of an industrial organization.

The graduate undertakes a PhD programme and at the same time is taken on by the company under a higher-level education and research apprenticeship contract. The duration of the apprenticeship contract with the company coincides with the normal duration of the PhD student education programme (3 years).