FAQ – COVID-19 effects on international students (degree-seekers)

We appreciate that you may have lots of questions regarding your life as a student at the University of Padua. Some of the answers can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions hereunder. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, our team is ready to help: international.admission@unipd.it.

General Advice

  Is the University closed?

No. Teaching activities are delivered on a distance-learning basis, and academic and administrative staff is working in smart mode, always ready to help you during the semester.

All essential services are guaranteed, except for academic, sport and common facilities, which are closed until further notice.

Libraries are now open under restrictions; for detailed information please check: http://bibliotecadigitale.cab.unipd.it/en/digitalsolidarity/logbook

  Can I return to my home country?

At the moment there are many restrictions on international travelling. The safest thing to do is stay where you are, provided that all the measures to prevent contagion from COVID-19 are guaranteed. If you need to go back to your home country, you are entitled to do so, but please check all the travel bans and contact your Embassy/Consulate to obtain any last-minute additional information. If you are a non-EU citizen, please remember to bring your residence permit / ‘assicurata’ with you.

You should also notify us that you are leaving the country:

  • Degree-Seeking students: please email both your Programme coordinator and the Admission and Welcome Unit at international.admission@unipd.it
  • Erasmus+ KA103 students (Programme Countries, i.e. the 27 EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey): fill in our form on www.unipd.it/relint/en  (Erasmus+ students > Coronavirus emergency).
  • Erasmus+ KA107 students (Partner Countries, i.e. all the other countries in the world) and  Bilateral Agreements students: write an e-mail to erasmus.incoming@unipd.it
  • Chinese students can also contact the China Desk at china.unipd@unipd.it

  Are there any measures regarding rent suspension?

No measure has been taken regarding a temporary suspension of the rents. Therefore, rents must be paid regularly to the landlord.

  Can I leave my accommodation before the end of my contract?

If you are renting a room in a student dormitory, you should contact:

If you are renting a room in a shared apartment, you can contact the owner to end your contract in accordance with the provisions outlined in the contract itself.

  When will I be allowed to come back to Italy?

Starting from 1st July, you are allowed to come to Italy for study purposes from any country: please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website for further information.

You can also check Re-open EU, the official EU interactive tool that provides updated information - in 24 languages - on travelling to/from the European Union.

  Can I renew my residence permit?

On 15th June the Questura - Immigration Office reopened to the public.

Residence permits expired in Italy after 31st January are valid until 31st August; if your residence permit expired abroad, you should contact the Italian Embassy / Consulate and check the travel details with the airline. Moreover, please contact the SAOS Office to receive a declaration to be used for your return (saos@unipd.it).

  I have a valid residence permit: am I allowed to return to Italy?

Yes, you are always allowed to return to your home. You need to fill in the relevant form and always take it with you. Also, observe the self-isolation regulations.

  My residence permit has expired: am I allowed to return to Italy?

If you have the receipt issued by the Italian Post Office certifying the submission of your application for the renewal of your residence permit, you are always allowed to return to your home, by non-stop direct flights. You will need to fill in the  relevant form and always take it with you. Also, observe the self-isolation regulations

If you don't have the Italian Post Office receipt, you should contact the Italian Embassy / Consulate and check the travel details with the airline. Moreover, please contact the SAOS Office to receive a declaration to be used for your return  (saos@unipd.it).

  Can I have some sort of psychological support?

Yes. You can find all the information at the following links:

If you would like to speak to somebody about how you are feeling, please contact the university service for psychological support by sending an email to psychological.assistance@unipd.it 

General Academic Updates

  How can I attend classes?

You can attend classes on a distance-learning basis. The University has moved all its teaching activities online. All course units are made available on our MOODLE platforms.

Classes will be held exclusively online until the end of the second semester.

If you have specific concerns about your study programme, contact your Department or School office.

EXCHANGE STUDENTS ONLY: please do not forget to submit your study plan on Uniweb in order to attend online courses. If you have any doubts about the procedure, please check our website

  How will time zone differences be handled in distance-learning classes?

If your time zone strongly affects your chances to attend classes, please contact the teaching staff as soon as possible. They will advise you of attendance expectations or alternative options. Nevertheless, most of the classes are recorded, then the attendance can be flexible and not necessarily tied to fix schedules.

  Can I attend UNIPD courses from my home country?

Yes, your UNIPD account is active and you can access our e-learning platform, MOODLE.

  Can I take 2nd semester exams after returning to my home country?

Yes. You have the chance to take exams on a distance basis.

  Are field trips suspended?

Yes, like any other activity that requires in-person gathering. All the activities will be postponed until a later date. You will receive official notification.

Advice for international students (degree-seekers)

  How can I register for exams?

Students must always register for exams on Uniweb about a couple of weeks before the exam date.

  Can I interrupt my studies?

Yes. All students can suspend their studies following the procedure.

Please note that this may affect your residence permit validity, so please contact SAOS for further information and support (SAOS@unipd.it). In addition, please note that if you wish to resume your studies, you will have to pay a fee for each suspended academic year.

Please note that if you have been awarded a scholarship and wish to suspend your studies, you should contact:

  How can I submit my approved thesis to the appropriate office?

You can send the thesis to your supervisor. The document must be a PDF/A (Max 25MB). Remember to type your student ID and ‘THESIS’ in the email subject line. Upon approval, the supervisor will forward your thesis to the Educational Secretariat of the Department and to the Students Office. This communication will imply the thesis approval.

  I was supposed to start an internship in the 2nd semester. What shall I do?

The Career Service is available to support all students on a case-by-case basis. You can email the Career Service at  stage@unipd.it

  Will summer schools and activities be cancelled?

As for the organization of summer schools/activities, please refer to the academic Department in charge for their organization.

  Can I get canteen service costs included in my Regional scholarship transferred to my bank account?

No, canteen services costs cannot be credited to your bank account as part of your scholarship.

  Are there any online Italian language courses available during the current semester?

During the current semester the CLA - University Language Centre is providing 17 online Italian language courses to over 500 participants. If you wish to be included in the waiting list, in case some places become available following withdrawal of participants or increase in the number of places per course, please write an email to didattica.cla@unipd.it. Please note that, according to the desired level of language, the waiting list might be quite long.