Venice International University

The University of Padua is a member of the Venice International University (Viu) consortium: a group of universities from all over the world sharing a common campus in Venice.
These Universities devise study programs collegially to prepare their students to face the global challenges of today.

Students who choose to spend a term studying at VIU are taught to move across disciplines and through cultures with a flexibility of approach, an open mind and creative thinking.

At Viu the official language is English.

  July 20 - 24, 2020: VIU Summer School in Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The Summer School offers a scientific approach to prioritize risk and a pragmatic framework to develop resilience solutions. Academics and professionals come together to offer this course because resilience is a key feature, whether we work at city, business or sector scale. The course consists of a mix of theoretical knowledge, case studies/projects and hands-on exercises.
The target audience will be professionals, officials and graduate students already working on the topic or thinking their work may benefit from it. Ability to read and write fluently in English is a must. Number of ECTS credits allocated: 2
Applications via the VIU website open until May 15, 2020

  Worldwide Mobility Opportunities with Venice International University - deadline expired

Opportunities for thesis research and/or studies at VIU member universities in 2020.
VIU and Erasmus+ grants available

If you have already taken courses at VIU, or you will be attending the Spring 2020 semester at VIU, you may be eligible for VIU's mobility programs.

Destinations include: Waseda University, Tsinghua University, Duke University, Boston College, Tel Aviv University, European University at St. Petersburg, KU Leuven, University of Bordeaux, Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet, University of Ljubljana, University of Exeter.

Check out the calls Worldwide Mobility and Erasmus+:
Deadline: 19 February 2020 and 9 September 2020

  Globalization Program - Spring 2020. Deadline: February 19, 2020

The Globalization Program brings together talented, motivated students from the 17 member Universities, which are part of the VIU consortium, in a truly multicultural, international and interdisciplinary environment.

The program is open to undergraduate and master’s students from the member universities. The courses are English-taught by professors from the member universities and are recognized for credit. Attendance is compulsory in all courses.

The program provides a powerful learning experience in which students develop their capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving. Students of the Globalization Program are thus better prepared for graduate and professional study and for careers in new and emerging fields.

Students registered in any degree programs at one of VIU's member universities are eligible to apply for the Globalization Program. Exchange students at Università degli Studi di Padova are also eligible to apply.

A set of core courses is available every semester, focusing on three themes:

  •  Italy - courses that showcase Venetian and Italian life, culture, art and history.
  •  Cultures of the World - courses that examine the cultures of the world; courses that make the most of the intercultural classroom.
  •  Global challenges- courses that address current, global issues, preferably from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The specialization track courses will focus on Environmental management and Sustainable development.
The interdisciplinary courses are structured as seminars and require interaction in research, so as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among students from different academic and cultural backgrounds.

Scholarships are available to support internships in Italy and worldwide mobility for research, and this year also to support Residency of Globalization Program students.
Students selected for the research internships and worldwide mobility are awarded a scholarship which will partially cover travel and living costs.

The application procedures differ depending on the student home university. 

Pre-registration: through VIU website, until February 19, 2020.
Registration for courses  from January 14 to February 19, 5pm.

Please check VIU website for further information.


  VIU Intensive Graduate Activities 2020

Students and scholars from the member universities are encouraged to explore the programs on offer in 2020, and apply early to guarantee their place. The programs are the outcome of intense collaboration among the universities and have been developed based on the mandate of the member universities through the VIU Academic Council.

There are three types of intensive graduate activity at VIU:

  • International PhD Academy, an intensive training program for PhD candidates from the member universities of VIU.
  • VIU Graduate Seminars, thematic intensive seminars suited to both Master’s and PhD students and are open to candidates from all the VIU member institutions
  • VIU Summer/Winter Schools, which are intensive taught programs that are addressed to students of varying levels

For further information please check the VIU website.