The Astronomical Observatory at Asiago

During the 1930s, astronomers at the University of Padova decided that the historic premises of their Observatory – La Specola – could no longer keep pace with technological progress: a new and more advanced facility was needed.
The new observatory at Asiago  was designed by the architect Daniele Calabi and opened in 1942. It is equipped with a 122-cm telescope, the observation tower is situated at an elevation of 1050 metres, and the revolving cupola has an outer diameter of 15 metres.
The University subsequently built a new astronomical station, opened in 1973, belonging to INAF, National Institute for Astro-physics. Located a few kilometres away, this second observatory has a 182-cm telescope.

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Asiago
via Osservatorio 8 - 36012 Asiago (VI)
tel. +39 0424 600011 - fax +39 0424 600023