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Would you like to study in one of the Arqus universities? Are you already an Arqus student and would like to go for an exchange to any of the other Arqus universities? In the Course catalogues of Arqus Universities you will find the course catalogues and some other relevant information of the seven Arqus universities.
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Many language courses are offered by the Arqus universities for different target groups: the course catalogue currently includes over 450 listings and is constantly being expanded.
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  Arqus Café (University of Leipzig)

The Arqus Café is a virtual meeting place where students of the Arqus University Alliance can practice their foreign languages outside of language classes. Cafés are not language courses, but an opportunity to use your foreign languages in a relaxed atmosphere and in a small group. Previous knowledge of the language of study is therefore useful, but not a must.

Current language cafés: Arabic, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish.

Third edition: September 6- December 17, 2021
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Coinciding with the Erasmus Days, three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond, the Arqus Alliance invites you to special Arqus Cafès on October 14, 2021.

  Arqus Café for Staff

As part of the series in language and cross-cultural competence for staff, Leipzig University in co-operation with partner universities, has launched Arqus Café for Staff, a virtual meeting place where staff members of the Alliance can practice their foreign language skills in a relaxed atmosphere and in a small group with a competent tutor and other language learners. 

First edition: November 11 - December 17, 2021

Languages: French, Italian, German, English, Brazilian Portuguese

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  Spanish language courses in Granada (registration by December 20, 2021)

The University of Granada "Centro de Lenguas Modernas" (Modern Languages Centre), one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning, is offering two places per partner university (12 in total) within its regular offer during spring and summer terms 2022. The courses take place face-to-face in Granada, and are available for all levels.

Arqus staff members can choose between two types of offers:

  • the Spanish as Foreign Language Course (CELE) is a semester-long course that runs from 1 March to 16 May 2022 with 6 hours per week, 60 hours in total
  • the Intensive Spanish Language Course (CILE) is a compact two-week course that is offered twice a month. Interested staff members are free to enrol for any time slot between March and July 2022.

The Spanish language course is free of charge for staff members of the Arqus Alliance partner universities.

Information and registration (deadline: Decembre 20, 2021)


As part of the Action Line 5 (Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement) activities, Arqus has created a section for internship offers that will serve as a common platform for sharing internship opportunities at start-ups and SME partners of the Alliance.This initiative is part of the sub-activity 5.5. "European Interns for Small and Medium Enterprises", SMEs.

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