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Would you like to study in one of the Arqus universities? Are you already an Arqus student and would like to go for an exchange to any of the other Arqus universities? In the Course catalogues of Arqus Universities you will find the course catalogues and some other relevant information of the seven Arqus universities.
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Many language courses are offered by the Arqus universities for different target groups: the course catalogue currently includes over 450 listings and is constantly being expanded.
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  Arqus Café (University of Leipzig)

The Arqus Café is a virtual meeting place where students and staff of the Arqus University Alliance can practice their foreign languages outside of language classes. Cafés are not language courses, but an opportunity to use your foreign languages in a relaxed atmosphere and in a small group. Previous knowledge of the language of study is therefore useful, but not a must.

Current language cafés: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Spanish.

5th edition: September 29 - December 16, 2022
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Arqus is also looking for volunteers to be language tutors and offer their first or native language: you will get to know students from the other 6 Arqus universities!
Contact Fabiana de Lima:


The CBL-MOOC is aimed at university teachers and anyone interested in the methodology of CBL; it consists of 4 units, each of which is 4 hours long.
During the course, participants will be introduced to CBL, including its benefits and drawbacks. They will find out how the learning process in CBL can be structured and supported and will get an overview of the main participants and their core roles, responsibilities and competencies. After completing the MOOC, participants will be able to identify means for meaningfully assessing CBL.

The “BordersMOOC” explores the historical development of the concepts of Europe and European-ness from several geographical and cultural vantage points, in line with the geographical location of Arqus partner institutions. The Course is open to students from all fields and disciplines.
The MOOC is allocated in the iMooX education platform.
The Course starts on September 5 2022 and it is free for all.


As part of the Action Line 5 (Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement) activities, Arqus has created a section for internship offers that will serve as a common platform for sharing internship opportunities at start-ups and SME partners of the Alliance.This initiative is part of the sub-activity 5.5. "European Interns for Small and Medium Enterprises", SMEs.

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