"Edutainment against Social Negligence" Film Festival


The film festival ‘Edutainment against Social Negligence’, organized by AEP - ESN Padova, allows University of Padua students to spend three nights in which cinema meets social awareness.

Tis is the programme ot the Film Festival, that takes place in Padova at the Teatro Ruzante (riviera Tito Livio, 45) at 8.30 pm:

  • Friday 26th January: Finnish documentary “Boiling Point”, direct by Elina Hirvonen (2017)
  • Thursday 22nd March: Dutch documentary “Strangers in Paradise”, direct by Guido Hendrikx (2016)
  • Tuesday 15th May: Brazilian documentary “Entre os homens de bem”, direct by Caio Cavechini and Carlos Juliano Barros (2016)

Thanks to the Film Festival, Teatro Ruzante becomes international and it shows three international documentaries under the spotlights, provided by Cineagenzia.

The movies are projected in the original language and Italian subtitles, in order to allow Italian and international students to sharethe evenings in a spirit of educational entertainment, beyond national limits.

For every event is also planned a speech by a member of an active local association in Padova. Associations are daily in contact with the social themes that are faced in the movies and this will give the possibility to see a real point of view of the local reality in our life.

Entrance is free.