First cycle degree in

Optics and optometry (2020/2021)

Class: L-30 - Physics

Class L-30 - Physics
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
President of the Course of Study LUCA SALASNICH
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of physics and astronomy, Scuola di scienze

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The degree course in Optics and Optometry trains a professional figure capable of working in the optical-optometric field. The training objectives consist in providing a solid basis in classical and modern physics and an optical-optometric preparation.
In this way, the student can:
i) manage with competence complex optical equipment and optometic devices;
ii) acquire an open mind, flexible and predisposed to the rapid learning of innovative methodologies and technologies;
iii) learn and apply the technical-scientific investigation methodologies for the evaluation of visual and optometric skills.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates can find work at: lens and glasses shops; industries (business of optics, eyewear and contact lenses); public and private companies (optometric measures, environmental controls in relation to the eyes and vision); optometric consultancy in the field of ophthalmology and optometric consultancy in public and private entities.

From Bachelor’s degree to Master’s degree
In Italy there is not a MSc degree in Optics and Optometry.