Directory of professions

NOTICE: The Directory of Professions is currently being updated.

The Directory of Professions is a guide to the more than 290 professions that can be accessed by following a course of study at the University of Padua. Each professional activity is described in terms of the skills and knowledge, training paths and tests required to attain the qualification, as well as the workplaces where the professionalism can be used.

Students and graduates of the University can consult the Directory directly online, or request a free copy at the Career Service desk.

Professions in the Directory

They contain descriptions of the professions, the educational qualifications needed to obtain them, the places where they can be practised and the skills and functions that characterise them.

Academic qualifications and professions

In this section you can find out about the professions that you can access with your educational qualification.

Locations and professions

List of professions by type of occupation and location.

Skills and professions

A tool to know which professions you can access with your skills and knowledge.

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