Summer courses at Bressanone (BZ)

Every year, the university holds summer courses at its campus in Bressanone/Brixen (Bolzano), open to students enrolled for the current academic year.
Summer courses held in 2017 are open to students enrolled for the Academic Year 2016/2017.

Calendar (Summer 2017):

  • 31 July - 12 August: School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, School of Economics and Political Science, Law School, School of Engineering
  • 21 August - 2 September: School of Medicine, School of Psychology

For further information please check the Italian website: Corsi estivi a Bressanone

  Summer courses at Bressanone - Brixen (BZ) Office

Person in charge: Alessandra Biscaro
Servizio Diritto allo Studio e Tutorato
via del Portello 31 - 35129 Padova
Tel. +39 049 8275031 - fax +39 049 8275030

Ufficio Servizi agli studenti

via Portello 31, 35129 Padova
tel. +39 049.8275031
fax +39 049.8275030