Short Specialisation degrees offered in English or other languages

Short specialisation courses lead to an out-of-mainstream university qualification. They can be accessed after a 1st or 2nd cycle degree course and they last at least one year.
Although they are called "master" in Italian, they are clearly different from the usual master degree, which – not only in English-speaking countries but also in the whole area of the Bologna Process – corresponds to the Italian laurea magistrale.

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  List of Short Specialisation degrees (1st level) partially or completely offered in English or other languages 2018/19

Business and management - MBM: industry specific fragrance and cosmetic sector
Business and management - MBM: industry specific fragrance and cosmetic sector – Inglese

Criminologia critica e sicurezza sociale. Devianza, istituzioni e interazioni psicosociali
Critical criminology and social security. Deviance, institutions, and psychosocial interactions - Italiano / inglese / tedesco / francese / spagnolo; 

Design dell'offerta turistica
Tourism services design - Italiano / Inglese; 

Diagnosi e management delle cardiopatie congenite in età pediatrica ed evolutiva
Diagnosis and management of congenital heart diseases in paediatric and adult age -   Italiano / Inglese;

Ecocardiografia di base ed avanzata
Basic and advanced echocardiography – Italiano / Inglese; 

Epidemiologia e conoscenza delle comunità
Epidemiology and knowledge f communities – Italiano / Inglese;

Gestione ambientale strategica – GAS
Strategic Environmental Management – SEM - Italiano / Inglese; 

International business for small and medium enterprises – MIBS: academic path in Supporting SME Internationalisation; academic path in Web Marketing
International business for small and medium enterprises – MIBS (academic path in “Supporting SME Internationalisation”; academic path in “Web Marketing”) – Inglese; 

International Finance and Commerce - MIFIC
International Finance and Commerce – MIFIC-  Inglese; 

La riabilitazione della comunicazione nei deficit uditivi
Comunication and habilitation in hearing impairment  – Italiano / Inglese; 

La voce dalla comunicazione all'arte: fisiopatologia e riabilitazione
The voice from communication to the arts: physiopathology and rehabilitation – Italiano / Inglese / Spagnolo;

Surface Treatments for Industrial Applications - Trattamenti di superficie per l'industria
Surface Treatments for Industrial Applications  – Italiano / Inglese;


  List of Short Specialisation degrees (2nd level) partially or completely offered in English or other languages - 2018/19

Biostatistica avanzata per la ricerca clinica
Advanced biostatistics for clinical research – Italiano / Inglese;

Chirurgia plastica estetica
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  - Italiano / Inglese;

Elettrofisiologia pediatrica e del cardiopatico  congenito adulto
Electrophysiology in pediatric age and in grown ups with congenital heart defects- Italiano / Inglese;

Farmacoepidemiologia e valutazione delle cure integrate
Pharmacoepidemiology healthcare research - Italiano / Inglese;

Forme dell'abitare contemporaneo
Forms of Contemporary Living – Italiano / Inglese;

Gestione integrata dei rischi e sinistri sanitari
Integrated management of health risks and claims  - Italiano / Inglese;

Giurista internazionale d'impresa
International business lawyer – Italiano / Inglese;

Innovazione, progettazione e valutazione delle politiche e dei servizi
Public Policy innovation and social impact assessment (PISIA) – Italiano / Inglese;

Machine learning  e big data nella medicina di precisione e nella ricerca biomedica
Machine learning and big data in precision medicine and biomedical research - Italiano / Inglese;

Patologia cardiovascolare
Cardiovascular Pathology – Italiano / Inglese;

Pediatria specialistica ad indirizzi: 1) Cardiologia pediatrica 2) Gastroenterologia pediatrica 3) Neurologia e neurofisiologia clinica dell'età pediatrica 4) Reumatologia pediatrica 5) Oncoematologia pediatrica 6) Pneumologia ed Allergologia pediatrica 7) Malattie metaboliche ereditarie 8) Nefrologia pediatrica 9) Pediatria d'urgenza
Paediatrics and its sub-specialty areas: Cardiology, Gastro-enterology, Clinical Neurology and Neuro-physiology, Rheumatology, Onco-hematology, Pneumology and Allergology, Inherited metabolic diseases, Nefrology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Italiano / Inglese;

Pituitary and adrenal diseases -PAD
Pituitary and adrenal diseases - PAD – Italiano / Inglese;


  Erasmus Mundus Short Specialisation degrees

SAHC - Advanced Master in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions(2nd level)

The objective of SAHC is to offer an advanced education programme on the engineering of conservation of structures, with a focus on architectural heritage. The programme lasts one academic year and is held on a rotating basis among partners, so each student follows coursework in one partner institution and works on dissertation in another. The consortium is coordinated by Universidade do Minho (Portugal). The other partners are: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain), Ceské vysoké učení technické v Praze (Czech Republic).
For information and application, please refer to: