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Environmental Engineering, assistant professor at the University of Padova since 2002.
Teaching activity:
Teaching on "Environmental Sanitary Engineering" first level degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering and on "Wastewater Treatment - part II", second level degree in Environmental Engineering; in 2010-2013, Waste Management in Developing Countries" second level degree in Environmental Engineering, University of Padova. Since 2012, at ENSTP, University in Yaounde' - Cameroun, she teaches on "Environmental Engineering", first level degree in Environmental Engineering, and since 2016 "Solid Waste Management adn Technology", second level degree in Environmental Engineering.
Since 2012, director of the first level masters on "Integrated water resources management and environmental sanitation in Developing Countries " sponsored in the firts three years by the European Community and co-director of the master on "Technologies for the sustainable and intercultural management of wastes in African Countries " in co-operation with the University of Padova - Italy, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Public Works of Cameroun.
Main research projects:
1998-1990: Hydraulic geotextile efficiency in sanitary landfill; Univ. of Cagliari-MURST
1991-1993: Combined leachate and wastewater biological treatment for nutrient removal; Sardegna Regional Government
1994-1995: Combined disposal of waste sludge and bottom ash in landfill; Univ. of Cagliari-MURST
1994-1996: Anaerobic/aerobic treatment of leachate: kinetics; Univ. of Genova-Liguria Regional Government
1995-1997: Final leachate treatment after biological process: electro-chemical oxidation and phytotreatment; Univ. of Cagliari and private funds
1998-2000: EVAPASSOLD, Landfill mining for remediation of old landfill; European funds
1999-2000: Emission from old landfills; private funds
2000 - today: decentralization of the urban wastewater treatment plants and the integrated solid-liquid management with energy recovery and wastewater reuse;
phytodepuration of grey water and urine; anaerobic digestion of the solid waste organic fraction and brown water; hydrogen production from different organic wastes;
different funds
2002-2005: AQUANOVA project, Integrated treatment system; PRAT - Univ. of Padova
2005-today: ENERGIANOVA integrated waste management system at the Bosconero hut; funds from CAI Belluno, Fondazione cassa di risparmio di Verona,
Vicenza, Belluno, Ancona
2007-today: phytodepuration of different wastewater streams by energy crops; private funds
2014: International project "Literary cafe' at Yaoundè, Cameroun" for the diffusion of the environmental culture (funds Regione Veneto, Rotary Club Padova, Univ. of Padova).
2015-2016: Coordinator of the International project GBRSU, new landfill site and solid waste management in Bissau, Guinea Bissau (funds EU, LVIA-NGO)
2015-2016: Coordinator of the International project PROSIGRU, solid waste management in Mozambique cities (funds: EU, ANAMM, DNGA-MICOA)
2015-2017: Scientific coordinator of the international project "Solid waste collection and valorization at Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast" (provate funds)
2016-2017: International project of great relevance between Italy and Cina, ROLES-Remediation of old landfill for environmental sustainability and final sink (funds MISE)
2017-2020: DATA project, Development of Abandoned Transurban Areas (funds: Regione Veneto), coordinator of the unit " Urban mining for abandoned transurban


Office hours

  • Friday from 11:00 to 13:00
    at struttura di Voltabarozzo, Lungargine Rovetta 8
    il ricevimento avviene su appuntamento, si prega di inviare un'email al docente per avere conferma dell'orario di ricevimento o per concordare orari diversi da quelli pubblicati; students are kindly requested to send an email the day before for the confirmation of the appointment

  • Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00
    at Ufficio in via Loredan 20
    il ricevimento avviene su appuntamento, si prega di inviare un'email al docente per avere conferma dell'orario di ricevimento o per concordare orari diversi da quelli pubblicati; students are kindly request to send an email the day before for the confirmation of the appointment

Research Area

Phytoremediation of leachate and wastewater
Water reuse
Decentralised water and wastewater networks
Energetic reuse of biomass
Decentralised water networks
Integrated wastewater and organic solid waste management
Sustainable building and inert material reuse
Solid waste management in developing countries
Valorisation of different waste
Blue Economy Solutions (Gunter Pauli, 2010)

Thesis proposals


- Kinetics of the phytoremediation of different waste waters (urban, domestic, leachate, etc) in decentralised networks
- Identification of parameters and methodologies for the estimation of the performance of a treatment plant
- Reuse of waste waters for agriculture and groundwater recharge

- Sustainable leachate treatment with low cost technologies
- Semi-aerobic landfilling and innovative management in tropical countries
- Community based solution: urban eco-centers for the informal recovery of waste

- Management and recovery of organic waste for the production of the biopolymer precursors
- Environmental Engineering for sustainable building: decentralised networks, reuse of the recycled building materials, recovery of the abandoned and degraded areas
- Recovery and valorisation of specific waste, in the framework of the circular economy
- BES- Back to Earth Site: the geological repository to close the material cycle

Solutions for water and waste treatment with recovery of resources according to blue economy principles (Gunter Pauli, 2010)

Some of the thesis are shared with foreigner universities: Tsinghua university in Beijing (China), KHULNA university in Bangladesh, university of Biskra in Algeria, Durban university KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, the university Louis Berger in Saint Louis in Senegal.