Digital certificates - Blockcerts

A digital certificate attests the achievement of a degree qualification and is issued to graduates in addition to the degree certificate on paper. Digital certificates can be directly accessed and verified at any time.

Certificates are available for download on the Bestr platform, from which graduates have already get Open Badges.
Because of its digital format, you need an app (e.g. Blockcerts Wallet or Blockcerts Universal Verifier) to read and verify the certificate, and display it in a readable format, i.e. as a sheet with headings and signature.

The information recorded in the digital certificate (degree programme’s objectives, duration, ECF levels) is enriched with the information recorded in the Open Badge of the same degree programme (skills, criteria for qualification awarding, diploma supplement) which is also issued upon graduation.

Digital certificates help both Italian and international institutions and recruiters to verify your qualification.
Also, they provide graduates with detailed information which best describe their profile when entering the labour market. Plus, you will no longer have to queue up for a copy of your certificate, nor pay for the revenue stamp.

You can even email your certificate to other universities you wish to continue your studies in, even abroad, and make its authenticity verifiable in real time.

The University of Padua also issues other types of certificates. Further information on analogue certificates (either in paper or PDF format) issued by the University is available at

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