Call Consolidator Grant 2018: Talent @Unipd

The University of Padua (UNIPD) promotes the participation in the European Research Council (ERC) calls. To this purpose, one of UNIPD strategic actions is to identify possible ERC candidates with a competitive curriculum and to support them in all the steps concerning the proposal preparation and submission to the annual ERC calls.

The Principal Investigators funded by the ERC will be offered a permanent position at the University of Padova and some benefits according to the current regulations.

  What does the ERC fund?

ERC Consolidator Grants support Principal Investigators (PI) with a competitive CV to consolidate their own independent research team or programme and carry on innovative research projects in any scientific field. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion on the basis of which ERC research grants are awarded.

For details, see:

  A typical ERC Consolidator PI’s profile

The PI may be a researcher of any nationality with 7-12 years of experience since completion of PhD or equivalent degree. Extensions are possible under certain circumstances such as maternity/paternity, illness, etc.

The PI is expected to have produced several important publications in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals as main author or without the participation of his/her PhD supervisor. The PI’s CV and track record must show the potential for research independence and the capacity to carry out original research.

Please consider also the following recurring features of the PIs funded by the ERC:

  • a record of invited presentations in well-established international conferences;
  • international prizes/awards;
  • research periods spent in top-rated institutions;
  • research funds obtained as PI;
  • very high values of bibliometric indicators (e.g. h-index, number of citations received, etc.), compared with the average values of the candidate’s research field.

  The support we offer

The most promising candidates, after approval of the Hosting Department (the International Research Office will verify whether the Department is available to host the PI), will be supported in the following ways:

A)     Proposal Writing

  1. CV pre-screening; valorization of the project idea through focused meetings and support of experts;
  2. Support in proposal writing;
  3. Review of the proposal (Part B1 and B2);
  4. Budget definition and resources justification.

B)      If your proposal is retained for step 2 of the evaluation and you are invited for the interview

  1. Training course in collaboration with a qualified company;
  2. Intensive English course (if necessary).

C)      If your proposal is funded by the ERC and carry on your project at UNIPD

  1. You will be offered a permanent position at the University of Padova and some benefits according to the current regulations;
  2. You will be supported in the negotiation phase with ERCEA, and in the management and reporting of the project, in cooperation with the Hosting Department


For further information please write to:

Abstracts of the CoG projects funded by ERC.


If your profile meets these requirements, send us:

not later than 4th December 2017, in order to participate in CoG2018 call (call opening: 24th October 2017; call closure: 15thFebruary 2018).

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