Where Are They from? The Geographical Representation of Migrants in the Press through Corpora

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November 14, 2018

Lecture by Dario Del Fante (Università di Padova) during the annual Workshop in English and American Literary and Cultural Studies, organized by Marilena Parlati and Anna Scacchi. It offers BA, MA and PhD students a well-established site for encountering and confronting with Italian and international scholars who present their research with their related present or future outcome.

Quite intentionally, no prefigured theme is set as a grid for these lectures, which rather aim at inaugurating discourses and sparkling interest on as varied research methodologies and paths as possible in the area of Anglophone literatures and cultures from the very distant past to the closest contemporaneity.

For any further information, please check www.disll.unipd.it/seminario-di-anglistica-e-americanistica