Space for your App Hackathon


October 24-26, 2018

The University of Padova, ESA and GSA organize the 2nd EU Space Programmes Hackathon. 

At the Hackathon, experts from various fields, such as engineers, geologists, economists, and sociologists, will join with app developers, coders, graphic and web designers, data scientists, marketers, dreamers, and pioneers who want to shape the future of EO, LBS and IoT, to discover how space technologies can help transform their ideas into reality.

The assembled hackers will focus in particular on applications in the areas of smart mobility, augmented reality, geo-marketing, and mapping and GIS. Other target areas will include fitness, sport and mHealth, business applications and social networking. Participation by multidisciplinary teams from diverse and complimentary backgrounds will ensure a holistic approach to app development.

For any further information please check the GSA web site.