Agreement University of Padova - Stellenbosch University: the first Erasmus+ / KA107 Scholarship starts

Eugenio Gaudio, PhD student of the doctoral course in Veterinary Science of the University of Padova is ready to start an exciting scientific experience in South Africa.

Eugenio will spend a six-month period (October 2017 - March 2018) at Stellenbosch University for his research project supervised by prof. Giulia Maria De Benedictis and prof. Louw Hoffman. Eugenio will conduct his activity on animal welfare, assessing the stress response in wild animals after capture, in order to better understand the stress pathophysiology and how to prevent it.

He will be the first PhD student from the University of Padova to have been awarded an Erasmus+ / KA107 Scholarship under the inter-institutional agreement that was signed in 2016 between the University of Padova and Stellenbosch University, and coordinated by prof. Antonella Dalle Zotte of the Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health (University of Padova).

Photo: from the left prof. Giulia Maria De Benedictis, Eugenio Gaudio, prof. Antonella Dalle Zotte