Sustainable mobility in the time of Covid-19: the mapping of home-university travel

The Covid-19 health emergency has made a significant impact on the daily lives and habits for us all, and in particular on behaviours related to travel and commuting. While many activities are now being carried out virtually (electronically), hence drastically reducing travel and commuting, the provisions on social distancing have discouraged the use of local public transport in favour of private vehicle use, especially for routes exceeding 10 km.

With the aim of studying how these changes have affected the habits of the university community, Unipd launched a second survey on mobility, following the drafting of a plan for home-work and home-study trips carried out in 2017/2018.

The first step of the survey is the mapping of students' home-university travel choices.  A questionnaire was sent out aimed at supporting the development of new solutions in view of the next academic year and the possible continuation of the emergency situation.  The survey will also be extended to University staff.

The data will be used to identify the commuting habits of the University community towards possible solutions and measures, taking into consideration the Covid-19 emergency and the direct consequences of organizing work activities.