A Political Vision

An Inclusive University

Directives from the Rector

“On a national scale, our University was one of the first to equip itself with the kind of quality services needed to support students with disabilities throughout their academic careers. This practice must be cultivated with new trajectories to ensure that the University of Padua continues acting as a reference point for other institutions." Among the actions proposed are, "strengthening services for students with disabilities that aim at increasing skill sets needed to achieve realistic and satisfactory professional goals for job placement.” For University Staff it emphasizes the need to foster, "the quality of work inclusion for employees with disabilities of our University" (The University as a cultural and social heritage, pages 7 and 8).

Bringing attention to diversity by, “promoting equal opportunities for access and professional growth… without regard to gender, religion or belief, race or ethnic origin, disability, age or sexual orientation, through the development of specific measures that manage and enhance diversity". (The University as a cultural and social heritage, page 3). Finally, it is important to place particular attention to the Third Mission pursued by the University, which is to become "a reference point for the world of innovation, in all its forms, and applied research." (The University and the territory, page 12).

Considerations from the Rector

In regards to the activities and Guidelines of the current academic governance, “Quality activities and services - for all - will follow the logic of equality while respecting the differences that characterize our University. This includes equal opportunities, inclusiveness, accessibility, global presence, transparency, and access to knowledge." (page 5)
Speech by the Rector during the inauguration of the 2015/2016 academic year 

With regards to those with disabilities, we are one of the first Institutions to provide quality support services for all. We must engage in the development of new initiatives that allow all students to pursue fulfilling academic and professional careers as well as in the promotion of an inclusive working environment for University employees with disabilities." (page 4)

The 2016 Gattamelata Award

In 2016, The Gattamelata Award for Institutions was awarded to the University of Padua stating, "The 2016 Gattamelata Prize was awarded to the University of Padua for its commitment to promote an active inclusion process that reaches beyond the general concept of integration, made possible through the involvement of both internal and external participants."