A Manifesto for Inclusion

Decent work, Equity and Inclusion. Password for the present and the future

copertina volume "...for a Manifesto in Favor of Inclusion"

 A Manifesto for Inclusion is the fruit of the elaboration of the voices of more than six hundred researchers, practitioners, students, which were collected in the volume '... for a Manifesto in favor of Inclusion. Concerns, Ideas, Intentions, and Passwords for inclusion’. It highlights the features that a context should have to be considered inclusive and the actions that should be taken for realizing it. The project, originated at the University of Padua and involving people from all over the world, allowed us to create shared, strong, positive reverberations that look to a future of quality for everyone.

The Manifesto will be presented and discussed during the Conference. We invite you to leave your thoughts and reflections on it in the Book of Thoughts, which will be available to all participants throughout the event.


A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion: A visual meditation on the Manifesto from Ronald Sultana (University of Malta)