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2003 - Degree in Veterinary Medicine obtained at the University of Padova. Thesis title: "Comparison between two methods of canine semen freezing by analysis of motility, membrane and
chromatin integrity". Abilitation to the Profession of Veterinary Surgeon in 2003.

2005-2007 - PhD student, at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Padova. The PhD project title was: "Improvement of canine frozen semen through in vivo and in vitro assays".

2006 - Stage at the Alfort Veterinary School for 6 months, under the supervision of Dr. Alain Fontbonne at CERCA (Centre d’Etudes et Recherche en Carnivores).

2008- PhD title.

2008 - Research collaboration with the University of Turin; project title: "Artificial Insemination with frozen semen in canine species: comparison between intravaginal and intrauterine insemination and between different methods of freezing".

September 2008: Grant at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science, University of Padova, with a research project: "Evaluation of Deslorelin in the azoospermia of the dog and the cat".
Since December 2008: Assistant Professor at the University of Padova

2009-now: involved in the practical activity of 5th year students belonging to Veterinary Medicine course.

15th-30th January 2010: Stage at AGRIS (Regional Agriculture Research Institute of Sardinia, Italy) under the supervision of Dr Maria Dattena; main activities: biotechnology of reproduction in sheep, semen collection and evaluation, pregnancy diagnosis, parturition monitoring.

13th-17th September 2010 : Stage at Alfort Veterinary College at the Unit of Sport and Breeding Medicine (UMES) under the supervision of Dr. Dominique Grandjean.

ECAR Resident- European College of Animal Reproduction under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Romagnoli. Board eligible.


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    presso Dipartimento Medicina Animale Produzioni e Salute c/o clinica veterinaria
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Area di ricerca

The main research fields in which I work are:
- Endocrinology of the luteal phase in the bitch
- Ultrasonography of the genital tract in the dog species
- Improvement of freezing protocols and in vitro analysis of semen
- Perinatal mortality in the dog