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Antichità e arte
The so-called Vitellio Grimani
Solid stuccoforte (plastercast) covered in brown paint, Renaissance reproduction of ancient work from the second century AD.
Votive Statuette of Athena
Votive Statuette
Male right foot with sandal
Male left hand
Fragment of high-relief from a sarcophagus
Roman lamp
Relief of soldier carrying a trunk on his shoulder
Aniconic idol
The so-called Milichus
The so-called Vitellio Grimani
Apulian Hydria
Lucanian Bell Krater
Ancient-style vase


The head was copied from an ancient portrait found in Rome and given as a gift by Domenico Grimani to the Serenissima in 1523. The sixteenth-century identification as the Emperor Vitellius (69 AD) can no longer be supported: it is now believed that it is a portrait of a high official of Hadrian's court. In the 1695 Inventario (no. 68) it is said that the plaster was in Tintoretto's studio, which could be confirmed by its presence in some drawings by Tintoretto and his school.

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