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Museum of history of Physics

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Museum of the History of Physics


Museum of the History of Physics
Padua, Italy

The Museum of the History of Physics houses a remarkable collection of historical scientific instruments from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.
The collection represents an important material evidence of the lively scientific activity carried out at the University of Padua throughout the centuries.

Museum address: Museo di storia della fisica
via Loredan, 10 - 35121 Padova - Italy
phone: +39 049 827 7303 - fax: +39 049 827 7102

For instrument-related enquires, contact:

Dr. Sofia Talas, Curator
Dipartimento di fisica "Galileo Galilei"
Via Marzolo, 8 - 35131 Padova
phone: +39 049 8277153 - fax: +39 049 8277102



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