True to its traditions, the University of Padova considers research fundamental and continues to invest as much of its resources as possible in research activities. In the last year, funds allocated amounted to € 60 milion. Of these, € 20 milion come directly from the University’s budget, € 4,8 milion from the Italian Government, and € 19,3 from the European Union. More than € 16 milion of the total budget for research comes from other public and private organisations.

International Research Projects

International research at the University of Padova has achieved great successes over the last few years, particularly within respect to European funding.

The University of Padova currently manages around 100 European research projects, and most of them are funded within Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation running from 2014 to 2020.

23 Departments and 2 Research Institutes of the University are involved in these projects. From the beginning of the Framework Programme, 81 projects have been funded for a total EU contribution of more than € 30 Million.

Among the project funded by Horizon 2020, it is relevant to mention 14 projects funded by the European Research Council (ERC): they are ground-breaking research projects, lead by excellent scientists, who chose the University of Padova to carry out their outstanding research activities.

In addition to Horizon 2020 projects, the University of Padova has obtained funds from research programmes (EU and non-EU) which involve researchers not only from medical and technological backgrounds but also from legal, social and humanistic areas. The great variety of projects financed by research programmes indicates the University’s excellent resources in most scientific areas.

Research Projects list