International full degree programmes

The University of Padova encourages initiatives aimed at joint or double degrees and guarantees ad hoc scholarships for students participating in these programmes. Such international degree programmes are organised in cooperation with one or more foreign partner institutions. 

Joint/double degree programmes



The University of Padova has quite substantially committed itself to implementing joint and double degree curricula in the last few years, with special attention to the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Padova participates in 7 joint programmes at 2nd -cycle level, 4 at doctoral level and 2 short specialization degree programmes. It coordinates the EM Master Course in Sustainable Territorial Development-STeDE and hosts the Pedagogical Coordination of the EM Master Course in mathematics (Algant). These joint courses involve more than 50 universities and nearly 200 students every year. There are now more than 600 graduates within the framework of these programmes.

Master Level Programmes