Tuition fees, scholarships and other economic benefits

Here follows a list of items concerning tuition fees, scholarships and other economic benefits.


  • Servizio Diritto allo studio e tutorato is the University office that provides information about these items:
    via Portello, 31 - 35129 Padova
    Tel.: +39 049 827 3131 (Call Centre) - Fax +39 049 827 5030
    Opening hours: Mondays and Fridays 10:00-12:30; Tuesdays 10:00-12.30 and 15:00-16:30; Thursdays 10:00-15:00. Closed on Wednesdays

General information

  Tax identification number

The Italian tax code (codice fiscale) is an alphanumeric code which allows Italian authorities to identify any person.

During enrolment and pre-enrolment procedures, applicants must show their codice fiscale. If they are provided of a temporary code, they must present the permanent one to the Student Office as soon as possible.

How to obtain the codice fiscale
Foreign students or staff who need to obtain the codice fiscale are required to contact the relevant administrative structures (e.g. Department, Centre, etc.), which are in charge of filling in the online form required under the Protocol in force between the university of Padova and the Income Revenue Authority - Padova Provincial Department.

The International Relations Office of the University of Padova, as Single Entry Point for data collection, is responsible for submitting the forms received to the Income Revenue Authority and follow the procedure thereafter, until the fiscal codes are transmitted to the relevant administrative structures.

  ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index)

Students who want to apply for some economic benefits, like scholarships or fees reductions or any others types of exemptions, need to calculate the “ISEE per le prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario”.

Italian students can request the ISEE calculation directly online from INPS (Italy's National Social Security Institution) or from a CAF (Tax Advice Centre) or any other authorised organization.

Foreign students are required to present a different certification, the “ISEE parificato”. They have to request it from an organization in according with the University and ESU, the CAF AIC, which is in Padua, in Via Belzoni 48/50.

  • CAF AIC will be closed from the 25th to the 27th of October

For further information about the calculation of the ISEE Parificato, please view the guide here below.

  Richiesta di Agevolazioni (Application for benefits)

After the calculation of the ISEE,  students need to fill in and confirm the “Richiesta di Agevolazioni” to apply for the economic benefits offered by the University.

This application form is available from the 18th of July  in each student’s reserved area on the Uniweb site, by following the path “Diritto allo studio - Certificazioni di disabilità/dislessia, Corsi estivi”.

For more information on how to use this online procedure, please view the guide here below.

Degrees (Academic year 2017/18)

  Fees for enrollees attending first, single and second cycle degrees

For those enrolled on first cycle, second cycle and single cycle degree courses, the individual amount payable is calculated  on  the  basis  of  each  student’s income,  merit  and  personal  situation, as described in the tuition fees prospectus here below.

  Partial and total exemptions

The University of Padua provides a number of partial and total exemptions for the tuition fees, as described in the prospectus here below.

Some of these exemptions are applied automatically by the University, others need the compilation of the “Richiesta di agevolazioni” (Application for benefits), available in the personal area on Uniweb from the 18th of July to the 30th of November.

  Student-athlete incentives

The University of Padua recognizes student-athlete qualifications for regularly enrolled students attending sport of particular competitive importance.

  Scholarships for all degree courses

The University can handle regional funds to finance low-income students, both Italian and foreign, who have a good academic record.

The scholarship consists partly of money and partly of services, such as accommodation and meals at the University canteens (provided by the ESU Office).

The request has to be filled in the “Richiesta di agevolazioni” (Application for benefits), available in Uniweb reserved area from the 18th of July to the 30th of September. The student need to calculate its ISEE before.

  Student collaborations

Collaborations in the University's main educational facilities is available for students who already completed the first year and meet specific merit and income requirements.

Students may work 200 hours maximum per year and earn 8,26 Euro/hour.

The request has to be filled in the “Richiesta di Agevolazioni”, available in Uniweb reserved area from the 18th of July to the 30th of September. The student need to calculate its ISEE before.

Postgraduate studies and other courses

  Fees for enrollees attending Short Specialisation degrees

Enrolment fees and the dates on which they are due will vary according to the course selected. Detailed information can be viewed in each selection notice.

  Fees for enrollees attending PhD courses

a. Students with scholarships
University fees are deducted from the scholarship

b. Students without scholarship

University fees are paid in two instalments.
The first instalment (€217,50) is payable within October 31, 2015 (XXX cycle) and within December 31, 2015 (XXIX cycle) for enrollees attending second and subsequent years. In the case of first year enrollees, the payment date varies for each School and course and is indicated in the single announcements.
The second instalment is payable within July 31, 2016. The amounts vary according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index) income declaration presented by the student.
How to pay: using the MAV payslip downloadable from Uniweb

Tax announcement a.y. 2015/16 - pdf in Italian

  Fees for enrollees attending Specialisation schools

University fees are paid in two instalments. The payment dates vary according to the particular School attended.

Tax announcement a.y. 2015/16 - pdf in Italian

  Scholarships - Short Specialisation degrees

There are grants available for certain masters courses, to cover the cost of enrolment and attendance entirely or in part. The availability of grants and the procedures for their allocation are indicated in the single selection notices.

  Scholarships - PhD courses

 PhD students with no research grant can also apply for the scholarship, granted by the University handling regional funds to finance low-income students, both Italian and foreign, who have a good academic record.
The scholarship consists partly of money and partly of services, such as accommodation and meals at the University canteens (provided by the ESU Office).
Students will declare their economic condition through the ISEE, i.e. Income Assessment Form.
Moreover, foreign students will produce further documentation: a certification of the their household composition and a certification of incomes and properties, if residing in Italy because of working, of family reunification, or because they are political refugees. If they reside abroad, the documents have to be translated by the Italian Consulate/Embassy.

Grants and Fellowships

  Gini Foundation: Grants for Foreign Nationals - Deadline: September 15, 2017

The Fondazione "Ing. Aldo Gini" supports those who plan to pursue a period of study and/or specialization in a department of the University of Padova in the scientific fields of Agriculture, Engineering or Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences for a period of at least six months and no more than one year.
Deadline: September 15, 2017

  15 PhD grants for foreign students fully funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo - Deadline expired

The University of Padova, through funding from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, offers research fellowships for foreign students to attend Doctoral Courses. During the 3-year doctorate programme, successful candidates are entitled to full board and lodging.
15 PhD grants for the admission of foreign candidates to doctoral courses (33rd series) a.y. 2017/18 are now available.

Deadline: 28th March 2017

Successful candidates must confirm their will to enrol by 3rd July 2017 either by sending a fax to number +39 049 8271934 (a copy of a valid ID document must be attached) or by sending an email to or including a scanned copy of a valid ID document.
In the communication, they will have to confirm the choice of the Doctoral Course and of the curriculum (if any)

  China Scholarship Council - University of Padova Scholarships (deadline expired)

The University of Padova and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) have created a scholarship programme to enable talented Chinese students to undertake a PhD programme at Padova.
The scholarships build on Padova University’s existing relationship with China. It has, in fact, extensive research links with Chinese research institutions and Universities. This scheme provides Chinese students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential with the opportunity to study for a PhD at the University of Padova. They are supported jointly by the China Scholarship (on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Education) and the University of Padova.

Applying to the University of Padova as a full doctoral student for CSC applicants: deadline January 16, 2017 at 13:00 (Italian time).
Admissions for CSC candidates

For more information:

Other Programmes

  Invest Your Talent in Italy

The University of Padova is member of the "Invest your Talent in Italy" programme, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. IYT enables international students to develop their skills and specialise through a range of Master's and postgraduate degree courses in ICT, Management and Design at prestigious Italian Universities. Degree courses are held in English.