Living costs

Living costs vary greatly depending on the type of accommodation, whether you are sharing accommodation with roommates, and your overall standard of living. The following are thus estimates only and average amounts.

Single room: from euro 250.00 to euro 400.00 + utilities
Double room: from euro 150.00 to euro 350.00 + utilities
Entire flat: from euro 500.00 + utilities

Grocery shopping
1 week supply at the supermarket: around euro 60.00

Pizzeria: around euro 15.00
Breakfast in a bar (cappuccino and croissant): around euro 2.50
Lunch at a university restaurant: from euro 4.20 to euro 5.70 (complete meal) - See ESU website
Lunch at a bar (sandwich and drink): euro 5.0 - euro 8.0

Residence permit (for non-European citizens)
First application for residence permit / Residence permit renewal: around euro 76.46
Medical insurance / Registration in the Italian National Health System valid for the residence permit issue/renewal (non-European citizens): from euro 50 to euro 150

Cinema: euro 8.00 (weekday discounts available)

Public transport
Bus/tram ticket (75 minutes): euro 1.30
Bus/tram passes: from euro 12.00 (weekly) to euro 380.00 (annual)
Bike sharing passes: from euro 5.00 (weekly) to euro 25.00 (annual)

Cinema: € 8.00 (weekday discounts available)
Theatre: € 15 (carnet discounts available)

Swimming pool: € 45 for one month swimming course
Gym: € 25 for one month membership

The University Sports Centre (CUS) organises many competitive and non-competitive sport courses (athletics, dance, fencing, fitness, judo, rugby, skating, soccer, tennis, volley, wheelchair basket, etc.) open to students at competitive costs.

One month living cost - hypotesis
Rent and bills: 300 €
Grocery shopping and meals: 250 €
Free time and sport: 160 €
Total: 710 €

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