Health, Sports and Recreation

Concentus Musicus Patavinus

Concentus Musicus Patavinus is the Centre for musical activities and performances of the University of Padova. It is composed by the groups:

  • Orchestra
  • Great choir
  • Chamber choir
  • Jazz band
  • Contemporary dance group

Director of the Concentus Musicus Patavinus: Elisa Grossato.

Health, sports and recreation

  EHIC/TEAM, the European Health Insurance Card

EU Citizens residing in Italy are egible for public healt care, producing the EHIC (or TEAM) card issued by their respective country of origin.

The TEAM card makes the holder eligible for urgent and necessary health care, with direct access to the health care structures.
If you need medical assistance, please consult a Gp or family doctor first, chosen from the lists posted in all  health care districts.

The TEAM Cardholder is not obliged to choose a single doctor, as is the case with Italian citizens, and is free to consult any doctor every time they need.


After being examined by a GP, which is always done free of charge (if the consult is held during the practice normal working hours), the physician, if necessary, can request:

  • Specialist visits (for which the patient has to pay a contribution - called "ticket" - to the health care unit where the consultation is provided);
  • Laboratory exams (for which the patient has to pay a contribution - called "ticket" - to the health care unit where the consultation is provided);
  • Imaging diagnostic procedures, etc (for which the patient has to pay a contribution - called "ticket" - to the health care unit where the procedure is administered);
  • Drugs (if the drug is included in the "A" list, no contribution is due, save for a small contribution for the prescription, as its cost is covered completely by the National Health Care System; if the drug is included in the "C" list, the patient shall have to pay the full price for it).

The prescription is written or printed on a red form:
- on the front, the physician writes the name and the surname of the patient and the prescription. If the EU citizen, for any reason, has an Italian tax code, that code should not be used on the prescription, as the tax code is used to identify citizens enrolled in the (Italian) National Health Care System.
- On the back of the form the physician includes all the TEAM card data

Please consult the physician only during the practice opening hours, otherwise he/she is authorized to charge you for a "private consultation".

A list of General Pratictioners is available in the Ulss 16 website.

For emergencies, go directly to the Emergency Room (Pronto soccorso) and show a valid (not expired) TEAM card.

  General Practitioners (GPs)

Italian students registered at the University but resident in a different district may:

  • receive free guaranteed medical assistance from a doctor of their choice;
  • use their current local health authority (ULSS 16) certificate.

Foreign students must apply for a health certificate at the ULSS 16 office in Padova in order to benefit from any form of Italian health service treatment. Once obtained, this certificate grants students the same standard of medical cover and treatment as Italian students resident in Padova.

EU Visiting Professors are entitled to the same medical care as Italian citizens. However, they have to bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a replacement certificate. Before coming to Italy they should apply to their local health authority.
NON EU Professors can obtain treatment and medical assistance by registering with the Italian Health Service (NHS), or alternatively, they can take out a private health insurance before the departure.

A list of General Pratictioners is available in the Ulss 16 website.

ULSS 16 - Public Relations Office
URP - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico
via degli Scrovegni 12
tel.: +39 049 8214050
Opening hours: 8.30-13

ULSS 16 – International Relations Office
International Relations Office
via degli Scrovegni 12
tel.: +39 049 8214069


Contact Center (for appointments)
tel.  840 000664
Mon - Fri 7.30 am - 5 pm

Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova (Main Hospital)
via Giustiniani 2
tel. +39 049 8211111 (switchboard)
tel. +39 049 8213200 (Public Relations Office)

Complesso socio-sanitario ai Colli
via dei Colli 4
tel. +39 049 8216811 (switchboard)

Ospedale Sant’Antonio
via Facciolati 71
tel. +39 049 8216511 (switchboard)

  Emergency doctor service

Medical assistance (Continuità assistenziale - former Guardia Medica) is guaranteed every working day from 8 pm to 8 am and from 10 am of the day before a holiday to 8.00 am of the day after a holiday.
tel.: +39 049 8808325

  Specialist Services at the University of Padova

Gynaecology Service
The University of Padova has founded the "Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia" service for gynaecology and obstetrics. This service is available to University students only and offers free pap tests to over 25s.
Ambulatorio ginecologico
via Giustiniani 3
visits by appointment
tel.: +39 049 8218352

Andrology Service
The andrology service is available for University staff and students. No need for GP authorization. Cost: 20,50 euros.
Open on Wednesdays, on appointment. To book an appointment, please call +39 049 8213010 from Monday to Friday 11.00 - 13.30.
Ambulatorio di Andrologia
via Ospedale civile 105
visits by appointment (Wednesday only)
tel.: +39 049 8218352

Psychological Assistance Service (S.A.P.)
The S.A.P.-D.S.A. (Psychological Assistance Service for study and learning difficulties) is a point of reference for any students who encounter such difficulties during their studies. This service, set up by the ESU in association with the University, provides counselling so that students can play a productive role in University life and reap the benefits of their studies.
The S.A.P. also provides invaluable information and support regarding at-risk activities such as sex, smoking, alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, the ESU organises periodic preventative education meetings at its residences, entitled Well-being without risk.

SAP - DSA Difficoltà di Studio e Apprendimento (Studying and Learning Difficulties)
via Ognissanti, 72 - 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8277816

SAP - BSR Benessere senza rischio(Wellness without risks)
via Ognissanti, 72 - 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8277812

SAP - SCP Servizio di Consulenza Psicologica (Psychology Advice)
via Belzoni, 80 - 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8278482

Psychiatric Consultancy Service (S.C.P.)
The Psychiatric Consultancy Service was set up by an agreement between the ESU and the Department of Psychiatric and Neurological Science in order to offer students expert advice on psychological or personal problems, difficulties or unease.
Consultation consists of three diagnostic or evaluative sessions, plus one session based on the structured interview method. Sessions are on a weekly basis, and at the end of the course, the S.C.P. offers a brief series of therapy or recommends organisations that can offer students additional advice.

Servizio di Consulenza Psichiatrica
via Giustiniani 2
tel. +39 049 8213830


All students registered at the University of Padova are insured. This insurance covers all authorised educational and cultural activities, wherever they may take place. The insurance is also valid for foreign travel and periods spent abroad on authorised unpaid cultural exchanges or study programmes.
In the event of a reason for a claim, students must fill in the forms downloaded from the web and immediately contact the University's financial administration offices.
For further information about insurance, please check the Italian web site at:

Servizio Coordinamento Fiscale e IVA
Palazzo Storione
Riviera Tito Livio 6 - 35122 Padova
tel. +39 049 8273105 - fax +39 049 8273579

  Sport and Sports Associations


Centro Sportivo Plebiscito
(climbing, football, swimming, squash, tennis)
via Geremia 2/2
tel.: +39 049 611113

Impianto Polifunzionale Brentella
(basket, BMX, football,climbing, gym, volleyball, roller-skating, skateboarding, archery)
via Pelosa 74/c
tel.: +39 049 8716915

(canoeing, swimming, tennis)
via Decorati al Valor Civile 2
tel.: +39 049 681300

(hockey, roller-skating)
via D’Acquapendente 1
tel.: +39 049 8801262

Golf della Montecchia
via Montecchia 12
Selvazzano Dentro (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8055550
fax +39 049 8055737

Villa Ferri Beach
via Bosco Papadopoli 2/A
tel.: +39 049 8626393

Green Tennis
via Bronzetti 33
tel.: +39 049 8719774

Couver Tennis
(tennis, five-a-side football)
via Monte Pertica 57
Tel.: +39 049 8761610

(beach volley, fitness, football, tennis, swimming)
via Vecellio 1
Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
tel.: +39 049 717222


via Moroni 11
tel.: +39 049 600092

(soccer; sometimes used for concerts and shows)
viale Nereo Rocco 60
tel.: +39 049 8659500

Palafabris – San Lazzaro
(indoor sports; sometimes used for concerts and shows)
via San Marco 53
tel.: +39 049 7388778

via Geremia 2/2


Amusement Park
via Fogazzaro 8/d
tel.: +39 049 8805025

Complesso Natatorio Paltana
via Decorati al Valor Civile 2
tel.: +39 049 681300

Centro Sportivo Plebiscito
via Geremia 2/2
tel.: +39 049 611133

Oasi 2000
via Naccari 37
tel.: +39 049 8712600

Società Nuotatori Padovani
via Tirana 23
tel.: +39 049 8710252


Columbus Thermal Pool
via Martiri d’Ungheria 22 - 35036 Abano Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8601555-0744

Esplanade Tergesteo
via Roma 54 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8911777

piazza Roma 23 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8911744

Terme Preistoriche
via Castello 5 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 793477


Associazione Cultura Sport Tempo libero - ACSI
galleria Ognissanti 26
tel.: +39 049 7801907
fax: +39 049 7927413 (24h/24h)

Associazione ricreativa culturale sportiva - ARCS
via VIII febbraio 2
tel.: +39 049 8273344

Calcio Padova spa
viale Nereo Rocco 60
tel.: +39 049 8723555 - fax +39 049 8723522

Canottieri Padova
via Polveriera 3
tel.: +39 049 693835

Petrarca Rugby
via Gozzano 64
tel.: +39 049 8802473 - fax +39 049 8804160

  Students' Associations

Prato della Valle 56, 35100 Padova
Sito clan universitari

AIESEC- Associazione Internazionale Studenti in Scienze Economiche e Commerciali
via del Santo 28, 35100 Padova
fax 049.656771

Association des États Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe - Aegee Padova

Associazione Alumni della Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori
Via San Massimo 33, 35131 Padova

Associazione Amici dell'Università di Padova
galleria Storione 8, 35123 Padova
tel. 049.8273049
fax 049.8273207
Associazione Amici dell'Università di Padova

Associazione culturale universitaria Antonio Rosmini
via Forcellini 172, 35128 Padova
tel. 049.8033672
fax 049.8033852

Associazione culturale universitaria "Antonio Rosmini"

Associazione Erasmus Padova
galleria Tito Livio 7, 35123 Padova
tel. 049.8273911
Associazione Erasmus di Padova - Aep/Esn Padova

Associazione Studenti Lavoratori Ingegneria
Dipartimento Metodi e modelli matematici
via Belzoni 7, 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8275997
Associazione Studenti Lavoratori Ingegneria - Alsi

Associazione Studenti Universitari - ASU
via S. Sofia 5, 35121 Padova
tel. 049.8753923
fax 049.8756005

Associazione Tenda
via San Massimo 89
tel. 049.8075906
Centro di aggregazione: Cappella Universitaria San Massimo
vicolo San Massimo 1
tel. 049.775302
Associazione Tenda

Associazione Universitaria Studenti Forestali - Ausf
c/o Campus Universitario Agripolis
Via dell'Università 16 - 35020 Legnaro (PD)

Associazione Universitaria Studenti Forestali - Ausf

Galleria Ognissanti 13 - 35129 Padova
Tel. 049.7800026 - Fax 049.776726

Centro d'Arte degli Studenti
Via S. Massimo 37 - 35128 Padova
Tel. 049.8071370
Centro d'Arte degli Studenti

Centro Universitario Cinematografico - cinema Uno
Via S. Massimo 37 - 35128 Padova
Tel. 049.8071933
Centro Universitario Cinematografico - Cinema Uno

Centro Universitario di Padova
Via Zabarella 82 - 35121 Padova
Tel. 049.8764688 - fax 049.651937

Cooperativa Libraria Editrice Università di Padova - Cleup
Via G. Prati 19 - 35122 Padova
Tel. 049.8753496 - Fax 049.650261
Cooperativa Libraria Editrice Università di Padova - Cleup

Cooperativa Universitaria Studio e Lavoro
Via Belzoni 162 - 35121 Padova
Tel. 049.8074411 - fax 049.8071885
Cooperativa Universitaria Studio e Lavoro - Cusl

Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana
Via Vescovado 29 - 35141 Padova
Tel. 049.8771730
Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana - Fuci

Junior Enterprise di Ingegneria Gestionale di Vicenza - Jest
Stradella San Nicola 3 - 36100 Vicenza
Tel. 349.6287108 - Fax 0444.998700
Junior Enterprise di Ingegneria Gestionale di Vicenza - Jest

Junior Enterprise Patavium
Via Venezia 13 - 35131 Padova
Junior Enterprise Patavium - Jepat

Segretariato Italiano Studenti di Medicina - Sism
Via San Massimo 37 - Padova
domiciliato presso ASU Via S. Sofia 5 - 35100 Padova
Tel. 049.8753923 - Fax 049.8756005
Segretariato italiano Studenti di Medicina - Sism

Tribunato degli Studenti
Via 8 febbraio 2 - 35122 Padova
Tel. 049.8273340

Universitari Costruttori
Prato della Valle 56  35123 Padova
tel.049 651446   fax 049 8753092

  Other associations

Amici della musica di Padova
via San Massimo 37
tel. +39 049.8756763
tel. +39 049.8756768

Arci Padova
viale IV novembre 19
Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm
tel. +39 049.8805533

Associazione Bel Teatro
via de Filippesi 9, 35100 Padova
tel. 348.1524059

Associazione culturale Artelier
via Cesare Battisti 54
tel. +39 049.755976
skype: artelier1

Associazione culturale artistica città di Padova
vicolo santa Margherita 2
tel. +39 049.8754480

Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Sportiva - Arcs
via 8 Febbraio 2, 35122 Padova
tel. 049.8273344
Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Sportiva - Arcs

Centro Ignaziano di cultura e formazione Antonianum
Prato della valle 56 - 35100 Padova
Centro ignaziano di cultura e formazione Antonianum

Circolo culturale Carichi Sospesi
vicolo del Portello 12

Istituto Confucio
via Beato Pellegrino 28
tel. +39 049.8274873

Legambiente Padova onlus
piazza caduti della Resistenza 6
tel. +39 049.8561212
tel. +39 049.8562147

Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto
via Marsilio da Padova 19
tel. +39 049.656848
tel. +39 049.657130

Tam Teatro Musica
via Fra’ Paolo sarpi 37/2
tel. +39 049.654669
tel. +39 049.656692

Teatro PoPolare di ricerca
via sorio 116
tel +39 049.8725757

  Theatres and music halls

Musical Theatre and Auditorium Cesare Pollini
via Cassan 17
tel.: +39 0498750648

Carichi Sospesi
via Portello 12
tel.: +39 0499872683

Gran Teatro Geox - Ex Foro Boario
corso Australia
tel.: +39 0498078685

Piccolo Teatro don Bosco
via Asolo 2
tel.: +39 049 8827288

Teatro ai Colli
via Monte Lozzo 16
tel.: +39 049720298

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi
via dei Livello 32
tel.: +39 0498777011 (switchboard)
tel.: +39 04987770213 (ticket office)

Teatro de LiNUTILE
via Agordat 5
tel.: +39 0492022907

via Messico
tel.: +39 049650294

Teatro Maddalene
via San Giovanni da Verdara 40
tel.: +39 049656692


Big Club
via Armistizio 68

Extra Extra
via Ciamician 5

Fishmarket Show Bar (Encs Membership Card needed)
via Fra’ Paolo Sarpi 37

Chiosco (Libertas Membership Card needed)
via Ariosto 10 (open in summer)

Love Discoteque
via Bernina 18

Maracaibo Club Latino (Arci Membership Card needed)
via Giordano Bruno 4/b

Mela di Newton
via della Paglia 2

Pixelle (Arci Membership Card needed)
via Turazza 19/4

Tutor Club (MSP Membership Card needed)
via Vicenza 24

Q Bar
vicolo dei Dotto 3

  Up Store - the University Shop

The "UP" University store is located inside Palazzo del Bo and has been opened to visitors since March 2002. The store was created and designed with the intention of making both students and visitors familiar with the history and traditions that have made the University famous throughout the world. Occupying 80 square metres, the shop offers merchandise such as caps, T-shirts, pens, scarves, watches and postcards, all bearing the University crest.
Purchases may also be made online through the e-commerce site.
Well-trained staff are on hand to help student and tourist with information regarding the University.

Up Store
Palazzo Bo - via VIII febbraio 2
tel.:  +39 049 8273110 - fax +39 049 8273111
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm